Rubiks Cube Pranks




Intro: Rubiks Cube Pranks

 This is for those of you who like to speed cube, or you have friends who like to speed cube.

Most people will have a standard Rubik's 3x3, others will have a DIY cube

The idea is to make the cube impossible to solve.

The way to remove the pieces is to rotate the top layer 45 degrees, then put your finger or screwdriver under the edge, and pull up on the piece

Step 1: Rubik's Brand

 There are 4 ways to do this:

1) Rotate a corner
To make sure that the position is not solvable,
start at 0 with all corners oriented to be solvable
if you rotate a corner clockwise, add 1
if you rotate a corner counterclockwise, subtract 1
make sure that the number is NOT divisible by 3
2) Rotate an edge piece
3) Switch 2 edge pieces
4) switch 2 Corner pieces


Other than that, you can combine them any way you like.

Step 2: DIY 3x3

 There are 5 ways to do the prank on this type of cube.

1) Rotate a corner
To make sure that it is not solvable
start  t 0 with corners able to be solved
if you rotate a corner clockwise, add 1
if you rotate a corner counterclockwise, subtract 1
make the number is NOT divisible by 3
2) Rotate an edge (odd number)
3) Switch 2 Edge Pieces
4) Switch 2 Corner Pieces
5) Switch 2 centers

You can combine them any way you want, but do not #3 and #4 at the same time, it makes them solvable.

Step 3: Executing the Prank

 Screw up the cube by scrambling and switching pieces and rotating pieces. have your friend who can solve the rubiks cube solve the cube. watch his reaction when he cant solve the cube.



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    6 Discussions


    9 months ago

    How I finally solved it...
    I bought a Rubik's Cube keychain to fiddle with on the bus. When I bought it, it was properly arranged, so I knew it should be solvable, but after several weeks, I hadn't been able to put it back together and was getting frustrated. Screwdriver solved the problem.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i have a friend who just looks at the cube and can tell if it's been tampered with however messed up it is

    as an avid cuber myself, I would quickly spot that a cubie was misaligned when I got to the final layer, but an amature/novice cuber would very likely struggle with this. So its a good prank if the target is a rookie. :)

     The only thing is, any speed solver would recognize this after finishing their f2l. And some have loose enough cubes they can turn a corner cubie without taking it apart.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    As far as I remember, some 15 years ago I did this prank to my mates. But it was much simpler. You have to switch any two parts. Just change their places. As simple as it can get. And this is true for the game 15 also. It gets unsolvable, if you just switch places of any two parts. This is just from my personal experience, havent done any combinatoric experiments, and I cannot answer why the hell this is so.

    1 reply