Ruby Litchi Lemonade

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Intro: Ruby Litchi Lemonade

Mouth watering refreshing sweet summer drink made from Lychee (Litchi) - Ruby Litchi Lemonade.

Great break from the summer heat....

Step 1: Recipe


Litchi juice – 100 ml

Roohafza – 20 ml

Lemon – 2 pcs

Lemon zest – a little

Ginger - 1 small pcs Mint (Fresh or Dried)

Ice cubes


1. In a tall glass, put mint, ginger pcs, cut lemon pcs. Crush them with help of muddler.

2. Apply honey on the rim of the glass and apply lemon zest.

3. In the glass put the crushed ingredients from the step 1.

4. Pour roohafza, then ice cubes, litchi juice.

5. Garnish with a pcs of lemon out in the straw and serve cold.



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