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Introduction: Ruched Scarf From Pajama Pants

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I love to shop in thrift shops. I also love to repurpose clothing, this scarf is what happened after I bought a pair of pajama pants that I knew I would not wear but loved the print.  It is so feminine and yet so comfortable. You have to know that I intend on buying up all of the cotton jersey pajama pants in the nation for more of these!

Pair of pajama pants
Optional but very helpful tools:
Rotary cutter (scissors of course will work but I cannot reccomend a rotary cutter enough!)
Sewing machine (everything you can sew on a machine can be sewn by hand.)
Gathering foot (If your machine shirrs with elastic you can do that too, if you cannot do either you can hand ruffle it takes a bit more time but not much.
Quilting guide (Super helpful in keeping gathering stitches somewhat straight)

Step 1:

Step 2:

When I say three pieces, I mean take three of the four pieces you just cut and pin two at a time right sides together.
The amount of pins you use depends on your type of needle. If you have a needle meant for jersey (or stretch fabrics at least) you shouldn't need near this many. But, if like me at the time you do not have said needles, pins will help you keep the fabric from puckering.

Step 3:

Hopefully this picture clear it right up. You are sewing three of the pieces together to form one long piece. The fourth piece is to be cut and then cut again and sewn to the ends to create a long, fringed scarf.

Step 4:

Set your quilting guide at 1 inch (ish). This will give you a nice full gathering across the width of the scarf.

Step 5:

Ruffle your first row approx 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 6:

Gather in rows every inch (or less) across the width, with your stitches following the length of the fabric. Do not worry if your scarf starts to shorten on one side, you can always run more gathering stitches on the longer sides to shorten it up. You can also trim the fringe to give it the look of being evenly gathered.

Step 7:

Step 8:

Voila! You are done! Good job!

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