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The shirt I used was a large and I wear medium. I used a large because it was not getting any younger . Try on the shirt and mark where you want the shrug to end. Fold in half and cut.  Find the center and cut it open. I create a 'V' neck by folding in 3 inches  and sew along the pin line. Because the shirt was a large I made about half an inch pleats in the back. Measure around your forearm and divide in half and mark in on your sleeve. Do the same for your armpit. Connect the two marks with a curve pin and sew along that line. With the rest of the shirt measure two {2 inches} strip and cut. And cut the bottom hem off and cut that in half. With the strips make ruffles by setting your machine to the longest stitch length and the highest tension.  Pin the ruffles where ever you would like and sew. I sewed mine on the front to cover up a logo. Measure and cut another 2 inch strip  the length of the bottom. Fold the  2 inch strip in half and sew around the bottom hem. Sew the hem strips to each side. And now you're done!!

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