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How about some bold colored ruffled rings? Ruffled crochet ring is soft and trendy. It is simple to create and an easy project for the beginners in crochet. You can gift these lovely rings. Ruffled ring with real contrast colors creates the highlight that you just wanted.

So Let’s get started!

Step 1: Materials


Yarn – Blue, Pink

Crochet Hook – 4 mm




Sc – Single Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Ch – Chain

Step 2: Ring - 1

I am using the blue yarn for the ring.

Round 1 - Make a Slip Knot. Ch 8. (You can chain as much you want according to the circumference of your ring finger).

Join in a Slip stitch with the first Ch.

Step 3: Ring - 2

Round 2 – Ch1. Sc in all the stitch of the Round 1. Join in a Slip Stitch with the first stitch to the beginning of the round.

Finish off.

Step 4: Ruffle - 1

Round 1 – Start with a Magic Ring. Make 12 dc in the ring.

(You can adjust the number according to the size of the ring you want)

Step 5: Ruffle - 2

Round 2 – Make 6 dc in each dc around. Complete the entire round.

Step 6: Round - 3

Round 3 – Change the color of the yarn. Sc in each of the dc in Round 2. Finish off.

Sew the ruffle on the ring.

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