Ruffled Layer Crochet Necklace

Introduction: Ruffled Layer Crochet Necklace

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Crochet Necklaces are elegant gift you can give to your dear ones. It has 3 scalloped layers of ruffles, and is super quick to make!

It is quite bold, and definitely fun to make. Crochet necklaces have such a unique and striking look.This one can be made super quick. Do try it out.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Yarn - Blue, Pink



Crochet hook - 4.5 mm

Necklace hook - 1

Step 2: Row 1 and Row 2

Row 1 - Ch 33.

You can use any number of chain in increment of 4. You can use 37, 41 so on to get the desired length you want.

Row 2 - DC into third stitch from hook, DC across row.

Step 3: Row 3

Row 3 - Ch 3, turn, DC into first st, *ch 3, DC into next st, repeat from * across the row.

Step 4: Row 4

Row 4 - Ch3, turn, DC into first st. Then in the loop created from previous row (TC, Ch1, TC, TC, Ch1, TC), * Ch3 skip 1 loop, SC into next loop, Ch3, skip 1 loop, in next loop (TC, Ch1, TC, TC, Ch1, TC).

Continue from * to the end of the row.

DC into remaining st. Bind off.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat the same with 29 Ch stitch and 25 Ch stitch in Row 1.

So you will get a ruffled look when you sew them together.

Step 6: Necklace

With a contrasting color yarn chain 25. This will form the string.

Step 7: Hook

To both the string add (sew) the back hook to secure the necklace.

Step 8: Adorn

Sew together the pink string to the ruffled necklace. The crochet necklace is ready. It is simple and elegant. If you have a craze for crochet this is a simple and a cost less gift idea for your friend.

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