Potato Chip Scarf Marathon!


Introduction: Potato Chip Scarf Marathon!

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I saw a pattern on the Lion Brand website http://cache.lionbrand.com/ for a spiral ruffled potato chip scarf http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kmm-spiralScarf.html?noImages= . I had some greenish Lion Brand Chenille Quick and Thick handy http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/ch-thick.html (although it was not the yarn specifed) and knitted it up. What a mistake! It came out terrible. I should have used Homespun as recommended. So nothing ventured nothing gained I knitted another one using Homespun (but not with the mohair) http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/homespun.htm in Regency trimmed with Baroque. It was lovely, so being me I decided to knit another, and another, etc. I ended up with 12 beautiful scarves which were given away at Christmas to people who said they loved them (they wear them too, so I know they were telling the truth... ) You crocheteers out there, there is a crochet version for you to try as well. http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternFinder.fcgi?search=Search&searchText=chip+scarf&x=7&y=9 My scarves were fun to knit and didn't take long at all. It's really quite clever how the scarf curls upon on itself. I knitted another one using a random yarn trimmed with Homespun, but definitely Homespun works the best for curl and texture. Anyway, whichever yarn you choose, I think you will enjoy knitting (or crochetting) these.

February 14th, I have started another potato chip scarf today, and will photograph it and add it on to this slide show when I'm done! It's being knitted in Homespun Shaker and trimmed with Baroque!



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    These ARE fun and addictive! The crochet version works up very fast and looks great in a number of different yarns, depending. I recycled some skein ends for the first couple of rows, then finished with a fresh skein (or 2, depending on how long the scarf was and how many yards were in the skein). I like to use something non-mohair/fuzzy on the inside and use the fuzzy stuff to edge the spiral.

    hurray for fast, easy, thoughtful christmas presents! i've loved these for awhile and wanted to try the crochet version (i do not knit) but I have yet to tackle it. great job, they came out beautiful!

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    I would love to crochet one, can you please post the instruction for the scarf.

    Thank you so much.

    Hi Stinkymum! I really like all your knits. I am going to make one of these scarves, wish me luck!

    Your potato chip scarfs look like they'd be lots of fun to wear. You've done a great job on all of them.

    I think the reason why this knitted version of the scarf didn't work on Lion Brand thick and quick chenille is because you end up having so many stitches on the needle towards the end that they don't make circular needles long enough, and so I had to make it shorter than it should have been and it just wasn't right.

    Amazing work! Your description is very detailed and good, and the pictures are great, and they look awesome! +1 rating.