Rug From Cotton Scrap Fabric




Introduction: Rug From Cotton Scrap Fabric

this is very simple and beautiful rug made from scrap cotton fabric and jute material.
for making it we need
- jute material (I used jute bag from scrap)
- cotton fabric ( I used fabric from scrap, my tailor gave it away)
- toothpicks ( u may need 8-10 because they break sometimes)
- scissors

Step 1: Cutting Cotton Fabric Into Pieces

cut the fabric into rectangular pieces.
I kept the length from 8-10 cm and width from 1-1.5 cm. ( u can cut randomly, no precision required, after particular point I did same.)

Step 2: Securing Cotton Pieces Into Jute Fabric

use toothpick to insert cotton fabric pieces into jute material.
it may look difficult, but it is not.
go on adding various colored pieces into jute material as shown.
fill that material completely.
the more dense you fill it, more lovely it becomes.
you can use same color fabric to give it uniform look.
note- you need pretty good amount of time for making it, I needed 2 days (not entire 2 days, as I continued as my mood permitted) so if you think you will get bored easily, take small piece of jute material.

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    19 Discussions

    I really like this idea. I will use all the scraps that I have been unable to throw away because they may come in handy someday! Well looks like it is someday! Thanks! Voted

    1 reply

    thank u :) I have same habit, I keep some scrap so that it might come handy when needed..

    What a great idea for scrap material. I am going to put this on my to-do-list. Thanks for sharing. Voted.

    1 reply

    A small crochet hook or a latch hook work well got getting the fabric strips through, or you can work from the back using a stick or a toothbrush with the head snapped off-just chose your position and push each half of the strip through separate spaces a couple threads apart

    1 reply

    thank u :) is there any way that I cann highlight your comment or any way through which people can read your helpful suggestion.

    This is great! I will try it. I can also see an abstract wall hanging, or a chair cushion or even a pillow, depending on the fabric. Voted!

    1 reply

    thank you :) my mom said same thing about wall decoration and cushion covers.. :)

    I have seen this types of rugs in stores and love them. Thanks for sharing this. I want to make a big one for my living room, it will take more than two days ??

    2 replies

    you can take someone's help. or you can do it while watching TV or while listening music. you can complete it within 2 days, but after sometime it becomes monotonous work.
    I did it in total 4/5 hours in total.