Rugby World Cup(cakes)




Introduction: Rugby World Cup(cakes)

The Rugby World Cup is getting serious now, and these are the perfect snack for half time or to celebrate a win!

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Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

To make 12 of these you will need

-175g Self Raising flour
-150g Sugar
-150g Butter
-3 Eggs
-1tsp Vanilla essence
-Food colouring
OR your own basic cupcake recipe.

For the icing
-250g Icing Sugar
-150g Butter
-1tsp Vanilla Essence
-2tsp Hot Water
-Food colouring
-Plain white fondant

-3 Bowls (one large, one medium and one small)
-Electric mixer
-Small Glass
-Muffin tray and cupcake cases
-Kitchen Scale

Step 2: The Goalposts and Ball

These are made out of fondant icing and food colouring.
For the goalposts, just roll out some fondant with your hands and cut 24 long "sausages" and 12 short ones. The rugby balls are a bit more difficult. Grab a larger chunk of fondant and divide it in half. Colour each half in your team colours (For me it is white and black) then divide each colour into 6 sphere shapes. The food colouring will make your icing wet, so add some icing sugar to keep it firm. Cut each sphere in half, then stick it with a half from the other colour. Roll them together in your hands and make them slightly oval to look like rugby balls.

Step 3: Making the Cupcakes.

Put 175g Self-raising flour, 150g sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla in the large bowl. In the smallest bowl, soften 150g butter and add it to the larger bowl. Lightly beat 3 eggs in the remaining bowl, then add that too. I put 4 drops of green food colouring and 4 drops of blue to counter the orange of the eggs and turn the cupcakes a nice grassy colour. Mix them with an electric beater on high for two minutes or until the mix is light and fluffy. Spoon the mix into 12 cupcake cases and bake at 200 degrees celsius for about 18 minutes. Let them cool before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Making the Icing

Mix together 250g icing sugar, 150g butter, 1tsp vanilla essence and 2tsp boiling water in a large bowl (the bowl you made the cupcake mix in would be ideal for this) until smooth. Add a few drops of green food colouring. If you have a piping bag, use a nozzle that looks like a star and jiggle it as you swirl into the centre. If you do not, you can either cut the corner off a plastic bag and use that, although it's very difficult, or spread icing onto the cupcakes and use the back of the spoon to lightly tap the top and make it spike up.

Step 5: Decorating

The goalposts should be fairly solid before you put them on, just stick them into the icing until they stand. Press a ball into each cupcake so that it doesn't fall off. Green sugar crystals look nice sprinkled over the top although there aren't any in the picture. You're done! Remember to wipe the icing off your nose after you eat these =)

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