Ruler of the Office

A pretty cool idea for when you are bored in your office or at home. This project only uses 6 parts!

Step 1: Parts

All the parts you need to build this are:

2x Mauly 32's
1x Mauly 32 with one arm detached!
1x Mauly 51
1x Modelling elastic band (a strong post rubber band can be used as well)
1x 20cm ruler or longer (but then ofcourse you need a longer elastic band

Step 2: Placing the Rubber Band on the Ruler (very Hard)

Now comes the hardest part of the project... placing the rubber band on the ruler!!! OMG!! But dont panic. heres how you do it:

1. Take the rubber band and cut it in half.
2. Place one end of the rubber on one end of the ruler.
3. See that wasent so hard was it now go and get some apple juice and clean the sweat off your forehead.

Step 3: Placing the Mauly on the Rubber Band

Now press the mauly 32 and watch the magic happen... it opens! Place the Mauly over the rubber band so it should grip the rubber firmly... now let go and it should get stuck on the ruler holding the rubber in place.

Step 4: Placing the "firing Trolley" Mauly

Now pull the rubber band through the Mauly 32 (with one handle detached).
After you had done this you should flip the mauly over so the hand is facing outwards.

Step 5: A Closer Look at the Mauly Without One Handle

JUst examine the photo... I think that your not that lazy and that you will manage to do that.

Step 6: Attaching the Last Mauly 32

This Mauly that we attach now should be attached in the same way as shown on step 3.

Step 7: Mauly 51

Now take the Mauly 51, the slightly bigger one.

Step 8: Attaching the Mauly

Now attach the Mauly 51 to the other end of the rulerwith one hand flat on the bottom of the ruler.

Step 9: Final Product

Now streach the launching trolley and attach the one hand to the little semi circular piece of metal on the Mauly 51.

Step 10: Preparing for Launching

Now flip the Mauly 51 downwards.

Step 11: Ready for Firing

Now place your fingers as shown on the picture and place the projectile in front of the firing trolley.
To fire flip the mauly 51very quickly up by using your thumb and at the same time push the ruler quite a bit down by the side by using your pointing finger. All of this should happen in a spring like action.

Step 12: Little Hint

HINT: You can use the front Maulys handles as a handle for better aiming experience.
HINT: If it is too hard to flip the Mauly to launch then either flip the one handle up with your finger or make a brand new creative launching system and send a e mail to me saying how its called so I can se it on instructables and comment it. (My e-mail is

Oh and I almost forgot check out for more ideas like this.



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    13 Discussions


    that thing you made is not more powerful then the real one....i made both of them....but the original was more awesome, powerful, and cool looking


    9 years ago on Introduction

    awesome i modded this and it shoots 50+feet=]

    daggonRoot Berer

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    you know how the third mauly clip attaches to the other mauly clip? release the third one if u understand this.... if u dont lemme try again, but u prob still wont understand.. ok
    the mauly clip that attaches to the one (mauly clip)with rubber band where u load ammo is the one u gotta release.


    12 years ago

    just one question. how does this improve the power of the originalt ruler gun from officeguns?

    1 reply
    Kamikaze manNineInchNails

    Reply 12 years ago

    It uses a moddeling rubber band which is more "strechable" and so gives it extra power.

    Kamikaze man

    12 years ago

    I only got the idea from there and later i modified it into something more powerfull.