Rum Bottle LED Lamp




Introduction: Rum Bottle LED Lamp

This color changing light is simple to make, fairly cheap and acts a perfect desk decoration to plug into your computer or wall! It's simplistic, yet beautiful with its multiple colors. 

Step 1: Materials

1 Rum bottle
12 LEDS: 
 - 1 white
 - 1 blue
 - 1 green
 - 1 yellow
 - 1 orange
 - 1 pink
 - 6 color changes
2 long wires
 - copper
 - aluminum
24 short wires at different lengths 
 - 12 copper
 - 12 aluminum
12 100-ohm resistors
Soldering iron
Sponge/wet piece of paper towel
Soldering stand
1 USB cable
Wire stripper/cutter (2 in 1 function)
1 Plier

Step 2: Procedure 1

Set up the soldering stand and plug in the soldering iron. Make sure there is a small sponge or square piece of wet paper towel in the "mat" of the stand. 

Step 3: Procedure 2

Tie each 100 ohm resistor to the positive (longer leg) of each LED. 

Step 4: Procedure 3

Take the copper wire and for each LED, cut it at different lengths. Take the aluminum wire and cut it at different lengths as well. 

Step 5: Procedure 4

Tie each piece of copper wire to the resistor that's tied to each LED; tie each piece of aluminum wire to the negative end of each LED.

Step 6: Procedure 5

Take two long pieces of wire, copper and aluminum, and tape them side by side to the table. This will act as the long wire that will later be soldered to the USB cable.

Step 7: Procedure 6

For the USB cable, make sure the small charging piece is cut and strip the wire at about 3/4 of an inch. You will find a black wire, a green wire, a white wire and a red wire. Cut the white and green wire. Strip the black and red wires to find the aluminum and copper wiring respectively. 

Step 8: Procedure 7

Strip 12 small areas of both the copper and aluminum wire; these exposed areas are where the LEDs will be soldered, copper to copper and aluminum to aluminum.

Step 9: Procedure 8

Solder the connection between the resistor and the LED for every LED.

Step 10: Procedure 9

Solder the connection between the copper wire and the resistor for every LED; solder the connection between the aluminum wire and the LED for every LED.

Step 11: Procedure 10

Now solder the copper wire of each LED to the small areas of exposed wiring on the copper wire. Do the same for the aluminum wire of each LED to the small areas of exposed wiring on the aluminum wire. Make sure to tape up all connections with electrical tape so as to prevent the connections from touching each other and short circuiting the system.

Step 12: Procedure 11

Drill a diameter of an inch into the bottle cap.

Step 13: Procedure 12

Now solder the end of the long copper wire to the red wire of the USB cable; solder the end of the long aluminum wire to the black wire of the USB cable. 

Step 14: Procedure 13

Slip the wire of LEDS inside the bottle; plug in the wire and now see it light up! 

Step 15: Schematic

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    7 years ago

    great project but wouldnt it be nicer if you drilled a hole in the bottom and leave the cap on? your project would take a little longer. J.E.