Run Backups on Any Wii Without a Modchip




Introduction: Run Backups on Any Wii Without a Modchip

Welcome to my instructable on how to run backed up Wii games without a Modchip.

All who get "DVD Read Error (324)" go to step 5

How It works:: Well the Wii System Menu currently runs on IOS30 (for all those who understand IOS). Homebrew runs on IOS35, and basically what you are going to do today is to install a Custom IOS36 into IOS249 (Won't effect your wii)

This is a Sequel to this guide here.

NOTE: Only follow this guide if you own a copy of the game. My copy of Super Mario Sluggers got stepped on so i got it from a bay of pirates, which, again, is perfectly legal if you own the game. If you get a game without owning it first it is called PIRACY and is ILLEGAL. I am not responsible for your Illegal actions and hold NO LIABILITY.

Okay, lets begin.

You need:

Homebrew Channel
SD Card
Computer With DVD-R Burner
DVD-Rs (The higher quality the better)
Wii (Duh)

Step 1: Getting the Files

Get the Files

1. Get all of the files here

2. Copy the CONTENTS of the folder Copy the CONTENTS to ROOT to the ROOT of the SD Card

3. There is an ImgBurn Installer there if you want it

Step 2: Install CIOS36 Rev7

In this step we install cIOS36 Rev7

Step 1: Open the Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Click on the App labeled "Apps/cIOS Rev7/boot.dol" and then click Load

Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree

Step 4: Select WAD INSTALL

Step 5: Once it is done, select the option to restart your Wii

Step 6: You're done!

Step 3: Install DVDx

Any DVDx installed must be uninstalled before preceding.

Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Select the app labeled "Apps/DVDx/boot.dol", and hit load

2a. Select "Advanced Install"
2b. For IOS, select 249 (IOS249) (You have to use the D-Pad to select 249)
2c. Hit Install

Your Done Installing DVDx

Step 4: Install Backup Loader 0.3

In this step you will install a Channel called the Backup Launcher 0.3 GAMMA Channel

Step 1: Open The Homebrew Channel

Step 2: Select the app labeled "Apps/WADManager1.3/boot.dol", and hit load

Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree

Step 4: Hit A

Step 5: Select Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma:


NTSC - US Wiis
PAL - European, African and some Asian Wiis
JAP - Japanese and some Asian Wiis
RegionFrii - Region Free (Works on any Wii)

Step 6: Hit A when it asks you if you're sure you want to install it

It will Install and bring you back to the list

Step 7: Hit the Home button to restart your Wii

You should have a new channel...The Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma Channel

Step 5: Make and Run Games

I will teach you how to make and run games

if you have an iso that is 4.37GB it is UNPATCHED (1:1) and if it is 3.99GB it is PATCHED.

Bakcup Launcher works better with unpatched games than it does with patched ones

The DVD Read Error is because the disc is not good, you need to be burning to medium to good quality DVD-R Discs. (Notice the dvd-R. NO DVD+Rs)

If you have an Iso you should burn it on to a DVD-R at 2x-4x, but the loader runs at 3x, so 3x is perfect if you can burn at 3x. A great FREE burning program is ImgBurn for PCs and you can use the built in Disk Utility for Macs

All you have to do then is stick it in your wii and hit launch game

Hope you enjoy



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    2 years ago

    i have the files for homebrew, I did google search and downloaded homebrew files

    Anyone know where I can get the "SD Card Files" now that Rapidshare is shut down?

    does this work on the newer wiis, (black/red/blue/newer white) because i heard an update for every wii after the first ones made it impossible to load backups from a cd, and i don’t want to use sd or usb because its way too slow

    OK guys PLEASE HELP!! I did all of the things mentioned in the guide, i installed backup launcher 0.3 and burned super mario galaxy 2 in a 4x speed on a Verbatin DVD-R , i inserted the game in the wii console, and opened the backup launcher. as soon as i did that, the screen went black and i had to turn plug my wii off to gain control of my console again. can anybody help me solve this?

    1 reply

    Check out my reply to looney006, check out the first link I mentioned over there, they have all the answers you need. If you still have some questions after that I will be more than glad to help you.

    This is a website that contains all info and files that you will ever need to softmod your Wii, I was a big noob but after finding this website it took me only a few hours to hack my console. This is a shrinked link so just wait for 5 seconds and then just click skip ad
    And you will probably want to know where to get the backups. But get only the back ups of the games you already own otherwise it is illegal! This is the link


    im on 4.2u and when i load WadManager1.3 the screen just goes blank and my WiiMote disconnects and my wii is still on

    please help!

    4 replies

    there's a new version or wad manger (1.7).
    here's the link:

    I had the same problem. You cant access Wad Manager 1.3 when your 4.0 and over. To do that, you would have to get Wad Manager 1.4, then it works. I guess its cause of the updates that Nitendo give with the 4.0/4.1 update. The older version of Wad Manager doesnt work because of that.

    please someone help me.. I am trying to install the WAD manager 1.7 (1.3 goes blank) but on the half-way (when I must choose the storage) my wii remote always just loses connection and I cant do anything except to shut wii down.. anyone knows how to solve this?

    1 reply


    I did this back in 2009 and I was wondering if there is an updated file or a new version. i do have some games that won't work and assume it needs to be updated.

    Thank You.

    Ok, this is a nice turorial but I get an error on the install of IOS36. I am getting an error (ret = -1) and I can not get any of the others to install properly. Also I am getting (error -2011) in DVDx I am looking into a possible solution.

    I find this link i think works is on 3 pages down

    help! where it says "get all the files here" i click on it and rapidshare says that the files doesn't exist, could anyone tell me what the files are so that i can download them via other means?