Run HDD Spindle Motor Using IC 555 + 4017 + L293D




Introduction: Run HDD Spindle Motor Using IC 555 + 4017 + L293D

Hello All,
Here I have tried to run the hard disk with IC 555 and IC 4017 and motor controller IC L293D
The idea is simple ,
Hard disk motor requires 3 shifted pulses to run.You can get information about the stepper motor and running machanism in some other article of instructible.
  - 1 nos ,salvaged hard disk motor
  - 1 nos ,555 IC
  - 1 nos ,4017 IC
  - 1 nos ,L293D IC
  -  4-5 nos ,LEDs (optional) I used then just as a indicator
  -  1 nos , 100 K Pot 
  -  4-5 nos ,1 K resistances 
  - 1 nos, 1uF capacitor
  -  5 v Supply (I modified the mobile charger else you can use 9 V battery )

Step 1:

In screenshot is the Hard disk Motor , I connected 3 different color wires to identify.
1- Red is 1st pulse
2 - Green is 2 nd
3 - Black is provided with 3 rd pulse

Step 2:

I was initially thought of using Arduino for same purpose but then I wanted to minimize the risk using an expensive chip and also dont want to use arduino to just rotate the motor ;)
I thought of using IC 555 to supply the pulses and using the night rider circuit to supply 3 shifted pulses to motor.
Circuit diagram is attached

Here is the working video, 

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1 year ago

I make a circuit for hdd motor....i use a 9v battery...but motor is not running


1 year ago


I made it and it worked on the first instance. however I would like to increase the speed of the motor. I tried redusing the value of capacitor with 555 but then motor just makes a humming sound and does not spin. Can anyone suggest the solution?

Running HDD Motor using Sound Card of the PC


2 years ago

The Circuit on board is diferent than Diagram. On diagram CD4017 has pin 8 and 15 conected to ground and pin 10 to nothing, but on board pin 10 is conected to pin 15 and pin 8 to nothing.

I gues that board connection is the right one.

my hdd motor have 4pin. how I connect it

I have looked at your circuit and watched your video and can see a couple of problems.

You are only using outputs Q1, Q2, and Q3 from the 4017 counter to drive the L293D chip. When the counter reaches Q4 and counts all the way around to Q0 there is nothing happening at the motor, so if it is still turning when Q1 comes on again we do not know what position is in, so it might continue to rotate but more likely it will be forced to go the other way or just stall. This is why you see the motor jerking about in an epileptic fit as one person posted.

You need to start with Q0 [pin 3] then Q1 then Q2, At Q3 you need to instantly reset back to Q0, Connect pin 7 [Q3] to pin 15 [reset] to do this. this way you have a continuous stream of pulses without interruption.

Remember this is a synchronous motor with no feedback, you don't know which coil to activate first to start in the desired direction so it might go counter-clockwise one step then clockwise at the beginning, also you can't start at high speed, you need to accelerate it slowly.

You may still get some problems because at low speeds the pulse might cause it to step too far and not be able to get in sync' with the next. you will probably need to reduce pulse width for starting to overcome this.

can you please clearly mention the circuit with resistors, in deed it would help many of like me..

i made this on bread board.
the circuit is ok because LEDs flashing 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

but the motor does not drive well.

when pulse rate is low motor is spining very low. and when pulse rate is high motor do nothing and make a small noise !

what is wrong with mine ?

what should i do for 4pin motors?

your motor is 3 pin but mine is 4 pin :(

how much this circuit RPM ?

can it drive motor with 5400RPM?

can this circut run at 33/3 , 45 and 78 rpm (low speeds)? I´m plainning to do a turntable player


3 years ago

Not working, please give another clear diagram,

We built a similar project. However, we use the
accelerometer from an Android device and an IOIO board to control the
RPM of the motor. Here is the preliminary result:

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its can work with out 100k port?

What is the L 293 doing in the circuit?
I have at least 20 stepper motors I'd like to start building my own drivers.
Thanks for posting

2 replies

same here. 5v regulated does not run the motor. 12v regulated do run the motor even not run at maximum, thank you. how to make it run faster ?