Run HP Stream7 Windows10 Tablet Without a Battery




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* Zero Electronics Knowledge - Please Use at Your Own Risk! Worked for me but may blow you up along with your device :) Goodluck!

I'll try to keep this as short and quick as possible. If you have an Android tablet check out my other instructable shoudl hopefully work for you, I did not combine the two instructables caus although they sound pretty much similar they didnt work the same way as I expected. I have a HP Stream 7 Tablet that has a failing battery that cant hold charge even when plugged in. But I love it caus its running a full windows 10 install. So instead of dumping it into my drawer for eternity since I dont plan on buying a replacement battery - here's what I did to get it working normally again.Basically I tricked the tablet into thinking its getting its power from the battery. I removed the battery and soldiered an ordinary USB wire directly to the battery terminals & it booted up as it normally would. I'am sure youll find tons of cool instructional videos on what you can do with an always powered on Windows Tablet - especially since you have the micro USB charging port now free and unused, probably connect a USB hub with different USB accessories or connect a HDD& run a low powered low end nas -endless possibilities!

**any one with adequate technical knowledge please leave you expertise in the comments for the safety of everyone - the original battery output was 3.7v = 3000mAh & the original HP usb adapter that I am using is 5v=2amp output. Dont know how much of a difference that makes now that am not using a battery.

Step 1: Cut the USB Charging Wire

Get rid of the Micro USB end.
Cut off the White & Green wires.
You only require the Red Power wire & the Black Ground wire.

Step 2: Remove the Battery & Solder the USB Wire to the Battery Connector Plate

Solder the Red wire to the Positive terminal of the battery connector plate - displayed as (B+)
Solder the Black wire to the Negative terminal of the battery connector plate - displayed as (B-)

I used some hot glue as insulation and to hold the solder points in place (know it looks shady but its workable)

Step 3: Plug the USB Wire Into the HP Stream 7 Adapter & Startup!

Thats about it. It should start up as normal. Shutdown is like any other desktop or laptop running without a battery. So you no more can use it as a portable tablet. Have'nt tried plugging it into a powerbank though yet now that it has a USB wire attached, as I have no need to have it portable anymore, but that could always be an option.

I initially did try to connect it directly to the charger port without the battery inside before doing all these steps but the Stream 7 somehow misses the presence of the battery inside and does not start up.

I did however manage to successfully start-up my generic android tablet that way. There are instructions on youtube that show you how to startup an android phone without a battery - it work for my android tablet though that had a failed battery and thats pretty cool! Will post those pictures too later.

Step 4: Yup It Works! Sorry Late Upload of the Video.



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    1 year ago

    The "battery plate" you are referring to is the battery protection circuit, and actually part of the battery, not the tablet. It prevents over charging, short circuits, and other general fire/ezplodey stuff. It is generally found under the kapton tape (yellow stuff) on the top of a battery, so not every tablet will have it visible. This solution can work, though not ideal, as you have a very good chance of tripping the protection circuit, which can have MANY variables set for "shut off" Just an FYI.


    2 years ago

    i have old Lenovo Miix 2 tablet. the mini usb on the tablet broke a while ago, and i have tried various ways to make it work again. but when i plug it in (tried with 5v 2a and 5v 1a charger + with bench powersupply), it just shows battery with X (same symbol when its out of juice). your method worked for 2 or 3 Android tablets.