Run Linker RTC on PcDuino

Linker RTC is a kind of real time clock module based on DS1307. DS1307 is a low power consumption,

with 56 bytes non losing full BCD code clock calendar real time clock, the address and data are

transmitted through two line two-way serial bus, the chip can supply the information of seconds, minute, hour ,etc, the day of each month can adjust automatically,

it has the function of making up the leap year . AM/PM flag bit determine the clock work mode for 24 hours or 12 hours,

there is a built-in power supply circuitry inside the chip, and has the power failure detection and battery switch function.

Step 1: Part List

1  x  pcduino v2

1  x  Linker RTC

Linker kit 20cm connect line

Several dupont line

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

The IIC of Arduin use the A5 A4 two simulation month and the IIC of pcDuino use the SCL and SDA pin,

so there are some difference in installing between them.
pcduino   SCL pin – > Linker RTC   SCL pin

pcduino  SDA pin   - > Linker RTC SDA pin

pcduino  +5v  pin   - > Linker RTC Vcc pin

pcduino  GND pin   - > Linker RTC  GND pin


Here you can directly connect the Linker RTC and pcDuino with Dupont lines,

for the female Dupont line plug-in the base of Liner is loose, have an impact on experiment.

So we connect it with the connect line, then use the male to male Dupont line to connect the pcDuino and Lin

Step 3: Test Code

Install arduino program environment( refers to the chapter three: Arduino IDE style for C language and pcDuino)
Open the terminal and enter into the output/test file under the  c_enviroment ( *** is the path to save the c_enviroment)

$ ***/c_enviroment/output/test
Execute the Linker_rtc_test file.

$ ./Linker_rtc_test
Notice: the corresponding C file is under the ***/c_enviroment/sample directory

Step 4: Test Result

Every two seconds the screen will receive the time returned from the Linker RTC

When execute Linker_rtc_test file It will start computing time from the time adding parameters

$ ./linker_rtc_test 14 3 6 18 43




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