Run Out of Toilet Paper 1/12th As Often





Introduction: Run Out of Toilet Paper 1/12th As Often

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Have a big wall next to your toilet and don't like running out of toilet paper? Mounting more toilet paper holders on the wall is a simple way to keep it from happening.

Step 1: Install Twelve Toilet Paper Holders

My friend Michal and I picked up 12 wooden toilet paper holders from Ikea for $1.99 a piece and hung them on the wall of our bathroom. Now we run out of toilet paper a lot less - plus different size people can take toilet paper from whatever roll is most comfortable for them. I know this isn't exactly the most ground breaking idea - but I cant' say enough about the positive impact this has made on my life.

If your living with lefty's and righty's, and your walls permit, you can hang the holders from both walls and really take bathroom convenience to the next level.



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    Lol so funny you use as much toilet paper

    Lol I did this in all four of my bathrooms

    it's funny, my friend Michael and I came up with this idea too. our reason was similar. huge empty wall = huge potential and now all your toilet rolls have storage! nice to see someone has implemented this.

    This is so funny! Love the idea! Thanks for sharing.

    So... OMG! On the bottom!?!?!?! I so do over the top!!!! Not the bottom! :)

    Very creative, and above all thrifty, though looking at the pic this 'ible has certainly reignited the seat up/seat down debate!

    You know what would be cool, Toilet paper that's coloured. It would make this look much more colourful.

    10 replies

    How about glow-in-the-dark edible paint? "Mommy, my poop is neon green!" "No more Pop Tarts for you!"

    that reminds me of when my brother ate hulk green cotton candy and all his poop was neon green