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Introduction: Rune Wire Ring

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I'm gonna show you, how to make this simple yet quite good looking ring.

All you need is:

- steel wire
- pliers and pincers
- soldering equipment
- paints
- pencil and paper

and that's all!

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Step 1: Sketching and Cutting

Now you need to thing what your ring/s will look like. I wanted to make four of them, so I choose to make my name - Kuba (...and yeah, I know it's also a country :D ). You can of course make whatever you desire ;)

After that you have to cut a wire according to your finger. You can wrap it around it, or (like me) wrap the wire around some small pipe and then just adjust it a little.

Then comes the time to cutting the wire for letters. Try to dimension it by your picture.

You can flatten the wire with hammer, so it will have more "blacksmith" look.

Step 2: Soldering

..and we're getting to the worst part - soldering!

You should use rosin, because solder iron doesn't stick great to the steel wire.

I'm tottal muff when it comes to soldering, so it took me a while :D

You can sand the edges or add some solder.

Don't forget to wash your hands after this!

Step 3: Painting

When you are finished with soldering just paint the ring in desired color.
I choose something between dark brown/black.

Step 4: Wearing!

After the color is dry, put it on your finger and wear it proudly! After this one I also made the rest of them and it looks even cooler.

Or you can give it to someone else as a present :)

I hope you like this instructable! If you have any questions just ask me :)
I'll be glad for comments!

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