Running Metronome (Windows Users for Free)

Ok, so I read Fungus Amungus'   'ible on making a running metronome. Except, I don't have or know anyone with a mac. So i used my own way. The program I used is called Aviary and is super simple to use.

Step 1: Aviary

The site that I am using to make the metronome is Aviary.  Aviary is a free website that you can use to, edit and make music, edit pics, and so on. The one you will need is the Music Creator.

Step 2: Steps and Sounds

When you have the creator open you want to figure out which sounds and step count you want. I chose the two step count but you can also do a three step. Next you want to choose the sounds you want. 

If you do the two step count,  make a full line across, then go every other beat on the second sound. 

Step 3: Beats

Your Beats.  For this i chose 80 beats per second. This is my running pace( im slow) but you can choose what you want.  When you open up the creator, it is set at 120. Way to fast.  so you click it and bring it down by dragging the mouse lower.

When your all done, save it as  " wav"  or "mp3"  Then load it to your music player, put it on repeat and go Run!!



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