Running Mini PCI-e 3G Card With USB - Mini PCI-e to USB - Easiest Way

Intro: Running Mini PCI-e 3G Card With USB - Mini PCI-e to USB - Easiest Way

HERE I'll be sharing my experiment (last night) to convert the MINI PCIe card to be able to run with USB port


What you will need :
  • Mini PCI-e Card - (option GMT380 with GPS function)  I am not try another type / brand CARD yet, since this card is only the one I have on hand right now, Later if I have a change and get another card, for sure I'll test it. BUT if we refer to the mini PCI-e connector I think MOST card will also work.
  • 3.3 Voltage Regulator, here I am using lm1117 which is take apart from my external disk adapter board. BUT Please note if you are using the old part you have to make sure that it is still work as it's suppose to be.
  • USB Cable / Cord, Here I am sacrifice my printer cable :) ...
  • Antena / Cable
  • Sim card Slot - To make easy for us to change / replace the SIMCARD (otherwise you can just solder the wire directly to the SIM pin)
  • a cup of coffee and off course a Soldering Iron and the friend.

Step 1: Preparing the Power to the Mini PCIe Card

For most MINI PCIe card, it's require 3.3V to able to run (NOT 5V) - refer to the manufacture datasheet.

And here the case,  We are using USB port to RUN MINI PCIe device. which is USB port have 5V whilst the card is require only 3.3V.

The easiest way to achieve this 3.3v is by using 3.3 voltage regulator from Linier Technology (lm1117-3.3). the other chips will also work too -- for example lm317 and etc (but here I'll be only talk about lm1117 chip)

bellow I am attaching the image and detail each pin of this (lm 1117-3.3) chip.

PIN OUT FOR THIS LM1117 chip :
PIN 1 is GND
PIN 2 is V out (3.3V)
pin 3 is V input (5V / power from USB port).

you may add the capacitor in INPUT and OUTPUT line but here I am just Ignore this for now.

Step 2: Soldering the WIRE to the Mini PCIe Card Pin

After the Power supply are done and it's run 3.3V (tested by volt meter), the next step is preparing the card by soldering the wire in to the require pin.

The Basic here is :

by using the USB D+ and USB D- pin from the card ( which is identified in pin 38 for D+ and 36 for D- ) and connect this pin by soldering the wire from USB cable (most usb cable has a std in the color Which is GREEN WIRE COLOR is for D+ and WHITE WIRE COLOR is for D-

Just follow my image (orientation)  that I provided bellow to determine the PIN NUMBER of the card

counting from the RIGHT (you see the image on your monitor) and the small legs of the card is also located on the RIGHT, the TOP section of the card is begin from PIN 2,4,6,8,and ECT (even numbers)

by this way you can easy to locate what pin number of your card (even some card have a number on the above of it's pin).

and Here I am also attaching the PIN NUMBER detail for the MINI PCI-e Connector (as shown on the table bellow)

here I am describe each even number of the card pin detail :
PIN 2   -- This is the 3.3V (+) this is from the OUTPUT line of LM1117 chip that we create in the previous step.
PIN 4   -- This is connection for the SIM CARD Ground
PIN 8   -- This is connection for the SIM CARD VCC ---- THIS WILL CONNECT TO THE SIM CARD PIN 1
PIN 10 -- This is connection for the SIM CARD INPUT / OUTPUT PORT (I/O port)---- THIS WILL CONNECT TO THE SIM CARD PIN 6
PIN 12 -- This is connection for the SIM CARD CLOCK ---- THIS WILL CONNECT TO THE SIM CARD PIN 3
PIN 14 -- This is connection for the SIM CARD RESET ---- THIS WILL CONNECT TO THE SIM CARD PIN 2
PIN 16 -- This is connection for the SIM CARD Vpp ---- THIS WILL CONNECT TO THE SIM CARD PIN 5

PIN 36 -- This is The USB D-
PIN 38 -- This is The USB D+

PIN 50 -- This is the GND to the card
PIN 52 -- Optional PIN for 3.3V + (you may skip this and your card will still working)

Step 3: Fire UP TIME

After all step in the previous is done than it's time for us to test it by PLUG in to the USB port (wait for a sec until your PC detecting new device) and EUREKA...the PC is detecting the modem, now just wait for us to load the proper driver of the CARD.

here what I have in my PC one I am loaded the OPTION DRIVER

by the way If you use this card than This link is the file you are need : (driver and application for this card)

And you will see :

GLOBAL TROTTER HSxPA Network Adapter listed in your Device Manager

and If you open Your PORTS (COM & LPT) you will see as well :

GLOBAL TROTTER HSxPA - Aplication interface (COM "X") -- mine here COM4
GLOBAL TROTTER HSxPA - Diagnosis interface (COM "X") -- mine here COM6
GLOBAL TROTTER HSxPA - GPS interface (COM "X") -- mine here COM3

("X") depend on your PC seting

As I said in the begining that this card has a GPS build in (but not all is ACTIVATE yet) mine I have to Activate it first before It's shown as GPS PORT in device manager  ----- I'll CREATE another Instructable to describe the way to ACTIVATE THE GPS IN OPTION GMT380

Step 4: Coffee Break TIME :)

after your device is listed in your device manager than It's time to open the application for this card
(the application is labeled acer 3g connection manager) which is included as well in the download file link in the previous step)

Open the software and You will see that NOW YOUR PCI-e MODEM is FULLY OPERATED BY USING THE USB PORT

HEre is Screen Shoot of mine




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    31 Discussions


    5 years ago on Step 4

    sir using the same logic, how can I connect a Bluetooth + Wireless mini PCI-e Card to USB? Can you provide me just the pin diagram for the same???

    4 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If you could provide the brand and type for these BT and Wifi card than probably will much more easier to work with, as long as these card is usb pin enable / capable, otherwise than it's not possible and has to use the converter.


    Reply 2 months ago

    Hi ,

    I have an PPD-AR5BXB63, witch pinout diagram should i follow?

    thx, for hepling :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    just look at your device datasheet, hope there is an info for the pinout


    Reply 3 years ago on Step 4

    I'm also trying to do such thing. I asume omitting SIM card holder and all of it's connections (well basicaly leaving only the power supply and USB cable) would do.

    If you happen to have done it previously please reply with your conclusions.

    Either way I will let you know how it goes on my project. :)


    Question 3 months ago on Step 4

    Does Wifi & Bluetooth work simultaneously in this method??please help


    6 months ago

    What purpose does the SIM card serve in this instance?


    9 months ago

    How can we convert a wifi card (intel pro wireless) to a usb wifi adapter.


    4 years ago

    By your logic i have got to work WiFi card based on RTL8187B Chip via usb.
    also have soldered LED to pin 44 so it flashes when there is active data transmission.

    I had WIFI+BT Card to try, but it doesnt had USB pinouts on board :(

    1 reply
    Mihalache N.M

    2 years ago

    I did itr exactly like you but the computer does not detect anything......about the SIM, i used new one, i think it has a security pin nr. what do you say. it took 4 h to make it, i measure it not to have shostcuts,etc....

    1 reply
    delokaverMihalache N.M

    Reply 1 year ago

    google first for card PIN ASSIGNMENT / datasheet and if match than should work, if not may be your card is defective or fried :)


    2 years ago

    I plan to try it with this one : WN6606LH. Mini PCI-E Wifi Card from Toshiba laptop. Any advice u can give ?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Hi. I want to use a socket instead of soldering directly to my pcie card. Can you tell me the name of the socket please

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago


    Mini PCI Express socket

    will be a challenge to use these stuff, you need a fine tip soldering iron also a lot's of passion


    Reply 1 year ago

    yes suppose to be the same and should works (just google the datasheet of your card and match the pin number with the proper placement)


    1 year ago

    Is it possible to connect the same with wifi/blutooth card ??

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    as long as it use the same PCI interface than it suppose to be the same. just give a try and post the result.