Rush Hour Scene

Introduction: Rush Hour Scene

We will be showing you how to add audio to a short video.

Step 1: Create a GarageBand File

When you are creating your new file, choose "Movie"

Step 2: FreeSound

We will be using for all of our background noises other than Kung Fu' Fighting

Step 3: Background Music

For our scene we chose Kung Fu' Fighting by Carl Douglas

Step 4: Add Clip and Music

Next you will add your media clip and your audio to your GarageBand file. To do so, you just open the media column by clicking on the icon in the very bottom right corner and then you just drag whatever you want in your file all the way to the left of the screen.

Step 5: FreeSound Sound Effects

Now you will find whichever sound effects you want in your scene. Just search them in the top right search bar on Then scroll through the available sounds and choose your best one.

Step 6: Download the Sound

After you find your favorite sound you need to download it. Click on the file name and then once it opens to a bigger picture click the download button below and to the right of the file.

Step 7: Add the Sound to ITunes

After the sound downloads, find it in on your computer and open it in iTunes. From here you can change the name to whatever you want to help you remember.

Step 8: Add Sound to GarageBand

Open your GarageBand file and drag the sound over to the left column from the right column like you did for the background music. Keep doing this until you have all of your need sound effects in your video.

Step 9: Find Place to Add Sound

In the original video there are metal sounds and stuff like that. You want this to be as much as the original as possible which means you need to watch the original video and record each time a certain sound was made. For instance, there is a sword sound at 29 seconds in the original video so we will add our sword sound at 29 seconds also.

Step 10: Voice Overs

After you have added your sound effects you will need to record a voice over. To do this you click the plus in the bottom left corner and then click on the "real instrument" tab. After doing this click the red circle at the bottom and start talking. You can then move your voice over around until it is in a good position.

Step 11: Done!

After all of that you are done adding sound to your scene! You can now watch the video by clicking on the top left box in the movie track section. You can drag one corner to make it bigger and YAY!

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