Russel House Mocktail

Introduction: Russel House Mocktail

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The actual Russel house is a concoction of Canadian Club, blackberry flavored brandy, syrup, and orange bitters. That sounds pretty good, except for the alcohol part. This instructable covers how you can make it with only two ingredients (or more if you are feeling extra diy). This won't taste exactly like it, but it tastes great! It is a nice sweet holiday drink, and it would go great with apple pie and ice cream, mmm.

Step 1: Ingredients/tools:

2 cups and a stirring spoon (or a shaker)
Bolthouse Berry Boost smoothie*
Orange soda**

*Or a comparable Naked, Odwalla, or smoothie you blend yourself. A blend of Apple juice, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries might work well.

** Don't buy crappy orange soda, get some good stuff. If it says Italian Soda, that means it is good, or real fruit juice. The more tart and orangy it is, the better it will taste. I used Whole foods Natural Tangerine Italian Soda.

Step 2: Pouring:

The ratio of juice to soda should be 2:3.

If you want to, add ice to the shaker or the orange soda glass.

Pour them into two separate glasses, or into the shaker.

Pour the Smoothie into the soda, stirring it as you go. Stir until a small froth forms at the top.
Shake in the shaker.

Pour from shaker. (If the sides of the glass got messy, pour into a new cup.)

Step 3: Enjoy!

Yummy, isn't it!

To make it even better for the summer, you could replace the Bolthouse smoothie with frozen berries. Just blend the berries until they are slush, then add them to orange soda, while stirring. (or shaken)

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