Russian Nesting Doll From Jars



About: The new black

So in the interest of reuse, I have been collecting glass jars. recently I have been painting them and using them for storage ( coin jars, planters, stationary, candle holders, beans, rice popcorn etc.). I then wanted to improve on so this. so i thought of joining them together at the lids and turning them into characters.

Step 1: Painting the Jar

After choosing a character to make (keep it simple) collected 2 jars of the same sizes and paint them a soiled colour 

Step 2: Making the Face

Draw a circle on one of your painted draws. I first did a outline with marker pen and then painted it white.

Step 3: Drawing on the Face

I painted in a smiley face, coloured the cheeks.

Step 4: Painting the Bottom

next we are looking to join the two jars so. we finish painting the bottom. I added a knot so it looked like a scarf. and added an apron.

Step 5: Glue the Lids Together

now glue the two jars together at the lids and now you are done. I had fun with this and have started doing other charters. wolf man and mummies ect. for Halloween. let me know what you make.



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