Rust Dyed Tote Bag




Introduction: Rust Dyed Tote Bag

This bag is really easy to make, even if you don't have a lot of sewing experience. But the rusty pattern makes it a unique piece! To see the rust dyeing process, go to my previous Instructable:

Step 1: What You Need

To sew this tote bag, you need:

- A dyed piece of fabric around 35" x 15"

- Two dyed strings of fabric around 35" x 3"

- Scissors

- Pins

- Pencil

- Sewing machine

Step 2: Fold & Pin

Cut out the pieces of fabric using the scissors, ruler and pencil.
Fold the large piece of fabric in half. The folded side is going to be the bottom of the bag. Make sure the final inner side of the bag is facing you. Fold the upper sides and secure it with pins. These sides are going to be the upper sides of the bag.

Step 3: Fold & Pin Strings

For the straps of the bag, fold the long left and right sides of the strings inwards and use pins to secure it. Now you have the large piece of fabric and the strings folded and secured with pins, let's sew!

Step 4: Sewing

Sew the pinned upper sides of the bag and the long sides of the strings. Don't forget to double stitch at the beginning and the end!
After this you can sew both long sides of the bag together.

Step 5: Attach Straps

To create straps sew the strings on the top edges of the bag. I stitched a rectangular shape to make sure to strings stay in place.

Step 6: Create More Volume

To create more volume and space in the bag, pinch the corners of the bottom of the bag. Measure around 3" across the corner and sew them as shown in the picures.

Step 7: Complete Sewing Work

If you have done all the sewing work, the final inner side of the bag should look like this. Now turn the bag inside out to see the result!

Step 8: Your Rust Dyed Tote Bag Is Ready!



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    8 Discussions

    Such a statement piece! I love this creation! Beautifully done!

    Joeke this is inspiring! I've been wanting to try rust-dyeing and having a first project is definitely going to help me get busy!

    Joeke, this is such a beautiful project! I love how dynamic the rust dyed fabric makes the simple shape look. So good!

    love rust dyeing! wondering how to make it wash safe?like if i wanted to do pillowcases?

    1 reply

    A salt bath will fix the rusty pattern and makes it wash safe! To read all about the fixing bath and other steps to dye fabric with rust go to my previous Instructable:

    It would be nice to explain the most eye catching part of this DIY- the rust dye process.

    1 reply

    The link shown in the introduction will send you to my previous Instructable about the process of rust dyeing:

    You can get that out with some "iron out".

    My well water will make any clothes look like that if the water softener needs to be recycled (regenerated)

    Seriously though. it is an interesting look. I would be a little bit worried about it rubbing off on other light colored things.

    I suppose you could say it is truly rustic.