Rustic Burned Shop Sign

Introduction: Rustic Burned Shop Sign

Hey! This instructable is about making a cool burned recycled wood sign. This one was for my blacksmith shop! Enjoy

Step 1: Materials

So to start off, you will need:

- blowtorch or other heat source
- sign wood
- piece of thicker bar stock
- pencil
- brick with holes or coffee can forge.

Keep in mind, these are the things I used, so any variations will probably work.

For the wood, I suggest a solid piece, not plywood or particle board.

Step 2: Draw Pattern, Cut, and First Burn

I freehand drew my design, but you certainly could use paper cut outs.

Once you have drawn your sign, do any desired shape changes or finishing on the edges of the wood. I wanted to leave mine looking a little rough, so I didn't finish the edges.

To give it a more "antique" look, I took the blowtorch and LIGHTLY went over it. Careful not to burn it too bad.

Step 3: The Heat Source

I used a thicker bar stock the thickness of my letters. It helped a lot to bevel the end, so you could keep pressure an slide it while burning.

A blowtorch and a brick was enough to get it low red heat: the ideal temperature. Any number of heat sources can do this. Oxy acetylene torch, coffee can or gas forge, coal forge etc... I'M SURE IT WOULD WORK GREAT WITH A VERSAFLAME BUTANE TORCH.

Step 4: Beginning Burning

Get the stock dull-red hot, and drag it across the wood bevel side down. It should smoke a bit and burn the wood. Don't burn yourself! To do corners, use the edges of the stock.

Step 5: Keep Going... and Done.

Continue doing this until your pattern is done.

I am going to drill some hooks into the top and hang it by some chains over my forge. I also put a clear coat on it so that it does not wear away.

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