Rustic Floor Lamp / Standing Lamp

Introduction: Rustic Floor Lamp / Standing Lamp

For our interior we where searching for just the right lamp. It had to be rustic or maybe a little industrial. To bad every piece of furniture labeled 'rustic' or 'industrial' costs my weight in gold. So I made my own suprisingly simple standing lamp. Keep in mind that I tried to keep the costs to a minimum. I'm sure there are a ton of variations on this.

You'll need:

- Scrap wood

- Scaffolding piping

- Electrical wire + lightfixture

- Lampshade (bought one from IKEA)

Step 1: Making the Base En Fixing the Lampshade

For the base I used a few scraps of scaffoldingwood. I intentionally roughened it up a bit and sanding it down with grid 80. You could use any type of reclaimed wood here. I can imagine old wood with a bit of old paint still on it looking quite nice aswell. To get some clearance for the electrical wire I screwed to blocks parallel to eachother on the ends. To finish the base make a hole in the middle for the electrical wire.

When that was done I installed a piece of scoffolding piping plus a 'endcap' I bought at a local hardware shop. It was a bit fiddly getting the piping to stand straight up. I had to use little washers as spacers to get the pipe fixed in place.

The lampshade I bought at IKEA but you can use any lampshade you like. To get the light fixture in place I used epoxy. Now this is not the best method but it does the trick. I'm sure you can do this beter with some sort of clamping method.

Run the electrical wire through the piping and install the lamp itself and you are done!

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    4 years ago

    Nice job. If you want a good source for cheap lamp parts, go to a yard sale and buy an ugly lamp for $2, keep the parts and throw the rest away!