Rustic Harley Davidson Sign

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

Today i will show you how I made a Rustic Harley Davidson sign on the X-Carve CNC Router.

Although I done a Harley sign, you could do other names, I am currently working on one for my Grandfather's Farm. I will post a picture of it when finished.

I wanted this sign to look old and weathered, this is what I came up with.

Note I published the video before I lighted sanded the top.

You will need:

CNC Router ( I have a X-Carve CNC)

Vectric Aspire or similar program

90* V-bits and 1/4" Endmill bits

Old piece of wood 11" x 28" ( note mind was a bit longer, but the X-Carve has limits)

Black Craft Paint

Steelwool and Vinegar Mixed for stain or your choice of Stain or Paint


Rust-oleum Matte clear finish

2 Triangle hangers

2 3/8" long screws

Step 1: Make Template in Vectric Aspire

First thing I done was search Google for a image, I found a image and downloaded it to my PC.

Next I imported it into Vectric Aspire, Traced the image and added some scratches, then added some fake bullet holes. Then added the lettering.

Note: I think I made the bullet holes to big, I might make a adjustment on them

Step 2: Preview Carving in Vectric Aspire

Preview the Carving in Vectric Aspire before doing actual cut. This saves lumber and a waste in time.

Step 3: CNC Sign

Insert wood into the X-Carve CNC Router, fasten down with clamps. Insert the 90* V-Bit and start carving the scratches, names and border.

Then insert the 1/4" endmill bit, pocket the bullet holes and cutout the piece.

Step 4: Paint & Stain

Since my piece was alreay stain, I went ahead and painted the lettering with Black Craft paint. Then after the paint dried, I used the Steelwool and Vinegar Mix. Let this dry overnight, then lightly sand the top of the piece and spray a coat of Matte Clear finish.

If you make this out of new wood, I would paint or stain wood first. After letting it dry, then carve lettering.

Step 5: Fasten Hardware

On the back side, measure the center point. Then from that point, measure over 8" to the left and right. Also measure down about 1 1/2" from flat parts on top. Now install your triangle hangers using 3/8" long screws.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now that your piece is finish, hang up and enjoy. Thanks for checking out my Instructable.

I lightly sanded the top after staining, given it a more worn look. Also sprayed a coat of Matte clear finish on it.

Check out my youtube channel for more great CNC projects. Click here for my channel



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I made a few more signs, similar to this one.


    2 years ago

    I made another sign using the same pattern, without the bullet holes. This one for my Grandfather's Farm