Rustic Herb Frame

Introduction: Rustic Herb Frame

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Okay this is Instructable number the second one... (Maybe too much Tigger?)

Growing a garden outside in the summer and inside in my aeroponic systems is a hobby that I've continued from childhood. With three children, keeping the cash in the pocket is very important. With herbs, which are technically weeds, they grow prolifically and you often gather more than you can use before they go bad. One way to extend their usefulness is via dehydration... My dehydrator gets a workout, but the herbs taste fresher when dried at a slower pace. I thought of several options, but my wife saw this on Pinterest. It is fairly self explanatory, to me anyhow, but here's the process.

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Step 1: Rustic, Simple and Functional

1. Take an empty frame- recycled, upcycled, snagged from the clutches of the neighbor's trash or like me, purchased from goodwill with an unfortunately hideous jigsaw puzzle fastened to it with the last 66 one inch brads.

2. Use a yardstick, carpenter's rule or a framing square to mark off six inch increments on one long side. Flip the frame and measure from the same end you started on the opposite long side, this might sound obvious but if your complacent and turn your frame left or right and not just flip it over you'll measure from the opposite end and your drilled holes won't line up.

3. Mark the center of each increment and drill a 3/16" hole at each. Pass jute twine through each hole and the one opposite. tie off on each side of the frame, try to keep all the knots of the back of the frame. Hang the frame and clip a dozen clothes pins to the twine. Your frame is now ready to use.

4. Harvest your herbs, bid the stems lightly with twine and hang them using the clothes pins. Allow to dry completely and keep in a sealed container. Use in place of the three year old herbs in your cupboard....

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