Rustic Journal Cover

Introduction: Rustic Journal Cover

A simple leather journal project that will have people talking!

Step 1: Choose and Cut Your Leather Pieces

From your local leather store, choose a piece of at least 8-10 oz. leather meant for saddle skirts. Depending on the size of journal you are using, it must be at least a few inches larger all the way around. get a small piece from the scrap bin that it a lightweight leather-3-5 oz. for your journal flap. Choose a nice journal to put into your cover. I chose a Moleskine book. Measure the book opened up and add .5" all the way around. That will be the size of your leather piece. Measure and cut your leather piece using a sharp utility knife and straight edge. If you have an edging tool, you can round off the edges to your liking. Saturate the center fold of the cover and fold over in half. Set a weight on the cover and let dry overnight.

Save the scraps and choose a nice piece for your closure. Trim the closure piece like the picture with a pointed end and rounded end. Cut and measure the flap piece to go on the inside of your journal by tracing the cover and the flap with a pencil. Cut the flap out and set aside.

Step 2: Stain the Leather

Choose a leather stain and stain all the pieces per the stain instructions. Let dry.

Step 3: Sew Your Pieces Together

With a sewing Awl or machine, sew the parts together as the pictures show. Touch up any stain that may have gotten messed up in the process. Let dry.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Journal!

After your stain has dried overnight, add your journal in by putting the back cover under the flap.

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