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Introduction: Rustic Mirror

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Making a Mirror from scrap wood.

You don't need fancy wood to make a nice and rustic looking mirror...

Step 1: What You Need...

1. Scrap wood (pallet wood, old plywood for the back)

2. An old Mirror

3. A Circularsaw or a jigsaw. ( and saw if you don't have these tools)

4. A Biscuit joiner ( or just glue the corners together and use some clamps)

5. A Drill and screws

6. Clamps

7. Wood glue

8. Contruction glue ( for the mirror)

9. Bolt cutter

10. A Hamer

Step 2: Lets Get Started....

Cut the plywood in the rijght demantions.

Use a boltcutter to shorten the nails. ( it is easier to get them out)

Remove all the nails...

Step 3: Making the Frame

Mesure the lenghts you need for you mirror.

Cut the end in 45 degrees with a Mitersaw. ( or use a handsaw)

Look if the frame and the joints are okay.

Step 4: Join the Frame Together....

I used a biscuit joiner. But you also can use wood glue and clamps to join the corners together.

Step 5: Just Finish It....

Crew the backer board on the frame with screws.

Turn the mirror and aply contruction glue to mirror into the frame.

Use some wire on the back so that you can hang the mirror on the wall.

I hope you injoy this project.

For more detail, you can watch the video for futher instructions.

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