Rustic Pallet Coffee Table




Introduction: Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

After wanting to create a pallet "something"... I decided I wanted to make a rustic looking coffee/side table.

Unfortunately, as this being my first instructable, I don't normally take too many photos of projects in the making. (But will do for the future projects)

Step 1: The Top

So... To create the top, I stripped the pallets of their precious wood :-/ what fun that is!

Used my chop saw to make about 35x 450mm lengths.

I then stacked every 3 or 4 pieces of pallet wood & used 4x 4" wood screws. Then another 3 or 4 pieces, then 4x more wood screws. Etc ... Etc ... You get the picture.

Paying attention to keep one side fairly flat (the top surface).

Step 2: Planing the Surface

Plane the surface of the table. This should help make abit more flat and also give a rustic look, if not done to perfectly.

Also plane around the 4 edges at a 45degree

This will also open the pores of the wood to accept a nice stain of your choice and oil to seal it.

Step 3: The Base

So for the base, I simply used a bit of left over railway sleeper. And for the legs, I morticed 2x small lengths of 4"x2" and simply screwed them together.

Step 4: Stain

So, after screwing the TOP to the BASE, your now ready to stain your table (possibly not using your Girlfriends Food Basting Brush to do so :-0 But did find it worked, as no paint brushes were to be seen.

Follow this with an Oil protection and rub in with an old rag.

Step 5: Job Done

Enjoy your new table with a lovely cold piñata st€//@



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    Now THIS is a table........ I absolutely love, love this table. Very rustic and oh so beautiful. Standing the boards on their sides like that was different.

    Tks for sharing

    indeed a table that will last a long time. pass it on to the grankids with the story of how mad Grandma got when she found out that wasn't dried up bbq sauce on her basting brush!! nice job!!

    Cheers pal, it's a bit overkill, but definately a sturdy one, lol