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Introduction: Rustic Rope Christmas Tree

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With time flying so fast I start thinking about my Christmas decorations way before it arrives. I love to do this because it gives me time to plan and prepare things made with my hands. This Christmas tree is very easy to make and look great!

Step 1: Materials

Thick rope string

Styrofoam cone

Plastic bag

Masking tape

White glue

Empty can with plastic lid


Glue gun


Battery operated led light

Step 2: Prepare Glue

We're going to make a mixture of half water and half white glue. Put the water in your bottle and then the glue. Close the lid to shake it and mix very well. Use a hot knife to make an X in the lid.

Step 3: Rope String

Now put your string in the glue mixture and use a spoon or stick to give it a bath in the glue. The string has to be very well impregnated with glue. Let it sit for 10 minutes and take one of the ends out through the hole in the lid. Close your bottle and it's ready to be used.

Step 4: Styrofoam Cone

Prepare your styrofoam cone by putting it inside the plastic bag and closing it with masking tape at the base.

Start putting your string around your styrofoam starting in the top of the cone. Give it lots of turns making sure they go in different directions so when it dries out it can have more stability. When you're happy with the amount of turns use your fingers to adjust the string to avoid big spaces. Pay special attention to the base as this turns are going to support the tree they have to be very horizontal.

Let it dry in the sun for 2 hours.

Step 5: Styrofoam Off

Take the pine off your styrofoam and you'll notice it's very hard and firm. Cut the bottom part of the plastic bag and leave the rest of the plastic bag inside.

Step 6: Glue Rhinestones

Put little drops of glue all over your Christmas tree and put rhinestones or pearls on top of them. Do this one by one until you like how it looks.

Working with glue gun makes our projects have lots of spider webs, just take them off with your fingers to have a cleaner piece.

Step 7: LED Light

Place the led light inside the tree and put more ornaments around it. The light that reflects in the wall looks beautiful through the strings!

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