Rustic Tree Table

So this was a quick build ...just 2 pieces once the pieces were prepared ,but took lots of drying time.

Items needed :

Tree trunks and section for top , Chainsaw, Belt sander, lots of sanding belts, varnish, angle brackets,

wood screws.

Optional items see lessons learned

top coating like this bar top coating

wood stabilizer


Step 1: Base

We cut down a pine tree and there were several sections that had lots of branches coming out so I picked the best one for the base of the table and brought it into the garage to dry. Total drying time was about 3 weeks and then I pealed the bark off. Cut the top flat and level with a chainsaw. Not too picky about the smoothness because I will be covering this area . Brought it to the car wash and power washed the base the best I could Let the base dry for a week , sand and applied a spray varnish. Added felt pads to the bottom.

Step 2: Top

The top was cut from a very old White Oak that was dead ( I hated to see this tree go but it was dropping large branches on the driveway and was dangerous) I used a 18" chainsaw to cut this section but should have used a 24" to get a better cut. After about 6 months of drying outside I began sanding this top smooth with a belt sander, this took many hours to get smooth and flat. I coated the top with a teak wood style oil sealer . I attached the top to the bottom with a few angle brackets and wood screws.

Lessons learned
Using the teak oil sealer was a mistake ! I should have used Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer to stop the cracking first, but I guess I was in a hurry to put this together. After 2-3 weeks in the house it stared to crack around the edges. The table still looks good but I will probably make another top that has been treated with the Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer and then use a bar top coating epoxy. Thanks for looking



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2 years ago

This is beautiful :) Did you take any progress photos while you were making it?

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PBR Street gangSwansong

Reply 2 years ago

Sorry but I did not, there was just a lot of sanding going on:)