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Hi, I'm Bob Morrow, 59 (06/09/53), This is my entry in the Jack Daniels Independence Project.  My daughter asked me to make her a stool, and that's how i got interested in woodworking, I didn't stop at the stool i started looking for other ideas and started finding scrap wood around the house to make rustic furniture , lamp post , stools, wall hangings from pallets, I have a lot of ideas on different  wood projects  made out of reclaimed lumber, old fencing, 4x4's , construction scraps. I will be retiring in June and wanted something that would keep me busy and something i would enjoy each piece is unique in its own way. I started having people asked if i was going to sell any of my projects, i decided then wouldn't it be great if my wife and i could go to flea markets and sell my wood projects. the rustic thing is in , everybody is using old stuff for gardening , and it looks great. Even if I wasn't to sell my rustic stools etc. I would just give them away to make people happy, because i just enjoy making them. I love seeing the end project and what i have accomplished. So if, I was to win the 25.000 dollars I would build  a nice workshop and some nicer power tools, to work on my wood projects and a trailer to haul my stuff to flea markets. Thank you       



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