Rustic Xmas Tree & Advent Calendar

Introduction: Rustic Xmas Tree & Advent Calendar

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Rustic Xmas Tree

This is a very simple project, using what I had laying around the shop. If you have the right type and size pallet you could use this to to make the same thing. However since I didn't have a pallet on hand I used what I had available to me.

Then I found an off cut 4x2 and didn't even measure or cut it. (that was pure luck) The size looked about right. This will be used as the main trunk. I then started to look for the branches, and used what ever I had and could find, the size could be anything, depending on how big or small you want to make your tree.

I had a long board that I cut into three pieces each piece slighty smaller than the last cut. I also had some random bits that I also cut down. While I used my table saw and mitre saw, if you dont have these you could use circular saw and a jigsaw.

The pieces were Pine and Rimu which I alternated on the trunk. Finding centre I simply tex screwed them on to the trunk with the largest at the bottom and the smaller at the top ready to be cut.

I find a long straight edge and in my case my T-Square was long enough to draw the cut lines in the shape of a triangle which represents a tree. I use a jigsaw to do the cut which took a couple of minutes to do.

Finding more scrape I cut four equal pieces and screw them in a rotating manner to form the base or stand.

Adding the Advent Calendar
My partner made some small Christmas stockings the material had numbers on it which we used to create the countdown. We simple put a treat in each stocking, and staple to the tree.

We add the wooden Xmas Bells we made last year to the top of the tree and add a small battery set of string lights.

And there we have it a simple Rustic Xmas tree, and Advent Calendar.


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    Thanks the tree is very simple to make... and you can decorate it with anything...