Rustic Napkin Holders




About: I grew up in the country and after my grandmother's passing, realized how much information was lost with her. I am by no means skilled or an expert but I love to create. I hope some of the knowledge I recove...

I remembered these from when i was a kid. These are simple and quick to make and bring back fond memories.

Step 1: Find Some Scrap and Sketch Out the Designs.

I had some left over bed slats (I have no idea why) that were laying around. I drew a couple animals. In this case a squirrel, rabbit, dog, and pig.

Step 2: Cut Out the Blanks

I used a scroll saw to cut out the rough blanks. These I sanded and cut out the napkin holes. I also carved a couple of rough details (ears and eyes)

Step 3: And a Stain of Your Choice and Enjoy

I went with a walnut stain because this is what I remembered. Enjoy



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    4 years ago

    Very cute.