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About: I am a mechanic for small motor vehicles such as mowers,grass trimmers,lawn tractors ect. I use all my resources I have. I am in the lawn care and mowing service. I do everything I can to get the job done ri...

If you have a ryobi grass trimmer that doesn't want to run for you, you've come to the right place! I have an old ryobi 875r 4 cycle (or stroke) grass trimmer that has been sitting out for ages. I finally got it out and started it up with new gas and trimming line. I right away had problems. It was smoking and wouldn't stay running I decided to go to my neighbors for help. He helped me get it running also. So he kept it for the night. 1st. You will need a wrench set,fresh gas , and fresh oil. Always use safety glasses and keep small children away from blade. If you don't have new trimmer line get some at lowes 2nd. You will want to have a place to organize all of your equipment so you don't lose something. Make sure you are completely brave enough to do the next 5 steps because something could go seriously wrong that could result in serious injury. Safety first! 3rd. First make sure you have fresh gasoline and empty the tank of any old gas. Never put water in a gas tank. Next change oil use ryobi sae-30 motor oil for best performance. Check spark plug and clean with dry paper tower 4th. (Optional) check the rocker. Check idle screw. 5th. Ready to start!! Prime 3-5x until gas is in the primer bulb. Next turn the switch to the ON position. Next turn choke to START position. Next hold throttle and pull the starter cord 3x Repeat this step if your trimmer doesn't start. Next if your trimmer starts put the choke in the PARTIAL position for 30 seconds. Next put the choke in RUN position and hold throttle for 2 minutes. You should be set! Thank you for reading Thewackystove

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    6 years ago

    I will add pictures the next time I get the chance