S. S. Oliver

Introduction: S. S. Oliver

About: A Berry College student

A really easy way to re-purpose a drone to make a sick cat toy!

Materials Needed:

-Drone (I used a Hubsan X4)

-Yarn/string of some kind*

-A way to connect your drone to actual the toy part (up to you, I used an old purse strap)

*This is going to be your actual toy part and can really be anything your cat likes. Oliver (the cat for whom this was designed) happens to like yarn. You could also use feathers or a small bell, or catnip!

Disclaimers: This is designed to fly low, using lighter objects or a stronger drone would allow for it to fly higher, if your cat's that big

**I am a college student who lives five hours away from home so I wasn't able to use my actual cats as models**

Step 1: Step 1: Attaching the Strap

Like I said, this is a super easy project and you're already half way there.

I cut up an old purse strap and hot glued it on to the bottom of the drone so that in enveloped it a little better.

You could also use a strand or wire, this strap was useful for attaching the next part.

Step 2: Step 2: Toys!

I've heard them called a couple of different things: pom poms, warm fuzzies, Truffula trees, yarn balls, whatever you want to call them; cats love them.

Here's how to make them!

1. Cut about a 12" string off of the skein (you'll use this to pull together your pom pom)

2. Take the skein and start wrapping the yarn around your fingers about 150 times

3. Slide the bundle off your fingers and take the 12" string to tie around the middle

4. After your bundle is tied together really tight, cut the ends of the yarn

5. Fluff!

After you've fluffed and made your pom pom, attach your pom pom to the end of your strap.

You can tie it and hot glue it for extra security.

Step 3: Decorate and Enjoy Entertainment From Afar

I used acrylic paint and it worked out pretty well!

Also, my roommate was really nervous and didn't want to fly too high. It flies roughly 3 feet in the air.

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