SABR (Sharir1701's Amazing Bullpup Rifle) SLIDESHOW

Introduction: SABR (Sharir1701's Amazing Bullpup Rifle) SLIDESHOW

About: I used to build K'nex guns. I'd like to think I've grown to be quite good at it, however, I've lost most of my interest in K'nex over my first couple of years in High School, but I do occasionally still come...

this is a bullpup rifle i have worked one for 2 weeks, perfecting it as much as i could for the time being, and now i'm posting a slideshow teaser of it. if you build it off the slideshow, by no means are you allowed to post instructions for it. that's my credit. i'm going to be posting it in approximately 2-3 weeks from now (11 sep, 2011), when my broken arm is said by my doctor to be fully mended and back in shape... wait patiently for my best, strongest creation yet.

EDIT: it's posted. check it out...

i proudly present to you: THE SABR !!!
with 137+ ft of range flat
16 round removable mag (EDIT: 10 round for new, better mag and 17 round for old mag)
high calliber bullets for optimal flight and punch
comfortable handle
comfortable, 100% reliable safety
optimal handle-stock distance
strong and sturdy structure
easy and comfortable ram
short ram makes it easier to cock without making it any weaker (almost)
relative low piece count
very very accurate
no barrel in front of handle for quick and swift maneuvering, making it also a great assault rifle
never ever jams
special easy-to-load mag, that doesn't need to be cocked and uncocked, very similar to a real magazine
genius trigger system
EDIT: also, an AMAZING new magazine with new features that are explained in the instructions 'ible of this gun.

requires a ton of broken pieces that probably can't be substituted
you need to cock the ram in order to get the mag fully in to the gun (EDIT: with the new mag, you don't)
no ram guide, but you don't need one because there is a stabiliser and the ram is very short. not a con in my opinion, just puttin' it out there
high density in back barrel area (small area, not an issue, just a little harder to assemble)

i do not take credit for the mag. it is not mine and if anyone could please post a comment saying whose this magazine is and the name of the gun, that would be great. i just fell in love with this magazine and started using it with all my new creations. i know Killer~Safecracker's TBAR uses it.
EDIT: the old mag is in fact all of the above, but the new one, although inspired by the old one, is completely my invention, therefore i do take credit for it.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the enthusiasm... i did, before i thought i would. it's up and it's hot. check it out.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Killer~Safecracker is the originator of the magazine you're using here.