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Using Intel Edison, Nodejs, groove kits and cutting the structure with a laser cutting we have produced a kit home made for the production of edible vegetables by hydroponics culture.

This is Saladina, an easy to use kit and realization.

Step 1: Set Up Intel Edison

1. Flash the firmware and install the software by following the tutorial from the Intel website.

2. download XDK IoT version from the Intel website

3. Connect the card with two USB cable to the PC and power it externally

4. Click on the tab serial terminal, select FTDI port from the select input and press the connect button, then in the terminal, type:

1. "configure_edison -wifi"

2. Select the network to connect

3. Enter the password of the wifi and wait for the system show the IP address of Edison

5. Disconnect the USB cables

6. If is the first connection install both the MRAA & UPM Library on the board.

7. Go to intel XDK IoT tab and select "add manual connection" from "iot device" select input

8. Insert the Intel Edison IP address and credentials to connect XDK to the board

9. From now you can upload our script and execute them on the board

10 Download the software from: and open it with XDK

11 Upload it on the board

useful links

getting started with edison (windows):

getting started with edison (linux):

getting started with edison (MacOS):

Download XDK:

Step 2: Component List

For this project we need:

  • 2 LEDs
  • 1 Water pump
  • 1 groove relay
  • 1 LCD Monitor
  • 1 groove light sensor
  • 1 groove temp sensor

Step 3: Cut the Structure

In this step you have to cutting the box with a lasercut machine.

You have two vector files, with this set up the material:

2 sheets of plywood 8 mm

Step 4: Cut the Water Container

Buy a bottle of water for at least 5 lt.
Cut it in half and spilling the bottle neck

Step 5: Setup the Eletronic and the Structure

Mount the structure and all the electronic components on the grove Shield following the schema

Step 6: Buy 4 Plants and Filled With Water Container

Buy 4 plants and enter them in four plastic cups without the bottom and insert them into the holes.

Once you've uploaded the main container of water buy the necessary nutrients in a specialist shop.

If everything is assembled you can start the water pump.

Step 7: Open the Browser and Check the Dashboard

open a browser and type in the address bar the IP of Edison specifying port 3000.

(Example = If done correctly you should see the dashboard to manage Saladina and see sensor values.

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