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If you always wanted to DANCE SALSA with flair and expertise, this course is for you.
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Salsa Formula Module 1: FOUNDATION & FRAME

Here you will find the FOUNDATION of this dynamic and sexy Afro-Cuban dance. From Basic stance to foot placement to the BASIC STEP, we cover technique to make you look authentic and polished. We also cover the FRAME for sensual and functional partner work. The breakdown of the FRAME of Salsa Partner Holds, Hand Positions and Leading and Following Techniques and Rules to comprehend partner connection and efficient lead and following techniques as well as common mistakes and professional tips.


1.1 Posture & Foot Placement

1.2 Salsa Basic

1.3 Rhythm & Timing (coming soon..)

1.4 Salsa Basic Variations/Shines (coming soon..)

1.5 Salsa Turns (Without Partner) (coming soon..)

1.6 Salsa Partner Holds (coming soon..)

1.7 Leading & Following (coming soon..)

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Step 1: 1.1 Posture and Foot Placement

Posture and Foot Placement
The FOUNDATION of Salsa technique for styling and proper posture and foot placement.

a) Feet held in V-Shape (heels together, toes tuned out-how much turn out)

b) Hold Arms bent at navel level and hands for men and ladies

c) Stepping through toe/ball/flat

d) marching on the spot/forward and backward

e) Ladies knees bend inward and cross each other slightly on each step (closing off the sunlight between the thighs) but men bend their knees straight ahead with every step (keeping a little space between the legs).

Step 2:

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done, thanks for sharing this!

    You know, if you put together a long instructable with several steps and multiple videos, that would be great to see. Kind of like a full beginner's guide, all in one place, you know?

    I bet that would get a decent amount of attention. There are not a lot of dancing tutorials on instructables! :)

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