How to Make Salt


Introduction: How to Make Salt

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One day i put some clear unable to sting jellyfish blobs on a plate and left them in the sun to my surprise i came back to find nothing but salt a whole lotta salt.
This Is manly just for if you really need it

Step 1: Jellys

There are some clear jellys that live in salt water they appear to be made of salt. First you need to find some of these and then lick em if they dont sting and taste extremly salty then you have found the right jelly.

Step 2: Jars or Storage

You need to find a mason jar. The reason is they make great storage containers they need to be clear.

Step 3: Salt

Now all you need to do is place all jellys in that jar leave the top off and let sit in sun. Come back i a few hours to few days depending on how many jellys you have. Now when you come back all that should be left is salt. I hope you enjoy this salt it might be a great addition to your cooking needs!

I will be posting this picture soon.



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    6 Discussions

    Licking random dead jellyfish?

    Drying them out and sprinkling the remains on your food?

    How are you still alive??

    1 reply

    Thats a good question, a very good one

    couldn't you just use salt water from ocean? and filter it out and let it bake I don't get it! or gather salt water from fish that is edible I am missing a picture here -> no I see you want to use salt from jellies some are highly dangerous. box jellies, and some if you step on sting your foot, if use those dead from dying from missing ocean current how does one scoop them up -> right fish tank and other devices are lying around yeah but those animal whackos that seem to be everywhere are waiting call out bloody murder. I prefer to gather ocean water....filter it out...bake it and experiment if that calls me nuts I call it playing it safe.

    Thats kinda whats it for is just if you have to.

    Lol yeah unless your extremely poor or surviving this isn't a good choice. Just go get some salt heck get it from a McDonald's lobby if you must. Don't eat jellyfish salt like that man.

    Yes yes i am and i put them though a filter and tested to see how clean the salt was. Its pretty clean.