SAMSUNG HE Washer Front Door Seal Replacement




Introduction: SAMSUNG HE Washer Front Door Seal Replacement

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My 3 year old Samsung HE washer developed a door seal leak at the bottom of the gasket basically from flexure from the door window. After a call to their service hotline and finding out the "estimate" for the repair would be near $300.00 USD, I resorted to my own plan and purchased a new seal for $60 USD on the internet and saved myself $240 with 2 hours of my time. Here is how I did it.
What you need...
Replacement Seal from internet = $60 USD
Screw drivers
A little bit of Patience! Keep telling yourself you are saving a ton of money!

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Step 1:

The idea for the replacement is to basically remove the top and then front panel, and then remove the old door gasket and replace the new gasket with the drum in place.

Remove all the sheet metal screws that are holding the top cover down.

Slide off the top cover and then remove the screws as shown by the screw driver in the photo.

Step 2:

Once the screws are out of the gray plastic trim, you can slide the soap tray housing up and out of the front door frame.

Step 3:

Remove the door hinge and the filter box frame down at the very bottom of the front panel.

Step 4:

Remove the screws from the top of the front panel as shown.

Carefully set the control panel on top of the washer being careful with the wiring.

Step 5:

Pull the door panel forward creating a gap to work inside. I did not find it necessary to remove the entire panel from the bottom hinge points, as it seemed too involved for that.

Remove the wire screw clamp at the top of the gasket. Set aside for reuse.

Start at the top and peel the gasket from the edges of the drum as shown, working your way around the gasket.

When you encounter the sensors, switches, and soap channel, pull the gasket from these items.

REPLACE with the new Gasket:
Apply a thin film of dish soap to the inside edges of the new gasket and start at the bottom of the drum. Slide the gasket onto the edges, working around both sides, left and right as you go up to the top.

Ensure the new wire clamp stays cradled inside the new gasket as you go.

Install the sensors into their respective holes, add in the soap channel and clamp it. Lastly tighten up the entire wire clamp with the clamp at the very top like you found it originally. Reverse the panel disassembly steps and you just saved yourself about $240 or $120/hr fees.

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    7 Discussions


    Tip 3 months ago

    There’s a ring with a spring on the front panel side too.

    Easy to put off/back on.


    1 year ago

    I've been to several different sites and every one of them has a different part number and they cannot guarantee that the part will fit my washer. How did you find the part you needed and where did you order it? Thanks too for the instructions on how to change out this diaphragm/gasket. Cheri


    3 years ago

    I'm trying to get the screw off the inner ring but I can't fit a screw driver in the space. Could you offer some tips?


    Reply 3 months ago

    I had to remove the upper counterweight (red brick) to get to it. (2X 13mm bolts)


    5 years ago

    Nice write up. Did this to a fl ge washer a few weeks, the process is very similar. Thanks for posting.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I did this really to let people know they can do these repairs quite easily if they take their time and can save a ton of money! Appliance repair seems to be so overpriced as if the information belongs to a secret society! Thanks for the comment!