Introduction: SASR-1

Some pros and cons about the Semi-Auto Sniper rifle:

semi auto
somewhat foldable
some parts removable
reloads quickly
sorta true trigger

weak(about 30 ft.)
bad accuracy

P.S.:this is my first instructable.

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Step 1: The Ram

pretty basic...

Step 2: Trigger

still basic...

Step 3: Back Section

follow the pictures.

Step 4: Bipod

still basic...

Step 5: Handle

pic 1:make 2
pic 2:make 1
pic 3:part of pic 2
pic 4:put it together
pic 5:handle open
pic 6:handle closed

Step 6: Magazine

pic 1:make 1
pic 2:make 2
pic 3:make 2
pic 4:put it together
pic 5:put it together

Step 7: Scope

pic 1:the scope
pic 2:build 2
pic 3:build 1
pic 4:build 1
pic 5:put it together

Step 8: Butt


Step 9: Barrel Extension


Step 10: Barrel

pretty complicated.

Step 11: Front Section

pic 1:front handle
pic 2:blurry!!!
pic 3:top
pic 4:bottom
pic 5:front sight
pic 6:front sight down
pic 7:front sight up
pic 8:rubber band placement

Step 12: Put It Together

pic 1:butt and back section
pic 2:handle and back section
pic 3:handle and back section
pic 4:ram and barrel
pic 5:rubberband placement on barrel
pic 6:rubberband placement on barrel
pic 7:rubberband placement on barrel
pic 8:rubberband placement on ram
pic 9:mag and barrel
pic 10:mag and barrel
pic 11:mag and barrel
pic 12:scope and barrel
pic 13:barrel and back section
pic 14:barrel and front section
pic 15:bipod and front section
pic 16:barrel and back section
pic 17:barrel and back section
pic 18:trigger and back section
pic 19:front section and barrel extension
pic 20:trigger and barrel

Step 13: More Rubber Bands

add more rubber bands.

pics1-2:trigger RB
pics3-5:front sight/bipod RB

Step 14: Quick Reload

1:build pic 1
2:load mag
3:add RB (pics 2-3)
4:pull the pin out

Step 15: Loading and Firing


1:load the mag(use quick load if you want)
2:pull the ram back
3:aim away from any fragile items,people,cats,dogs,ect.
4:pull the trigger

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    21 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    pretty for a first instructable. but i modded it to be more accurate and powerful

    general zee
    general zee

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty good gun, I modded it a bit though and it shot through a shoe box at 10 feet with 3 no. 64 bands.

    general zee
    general zee

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    It is a good gun, got mine to shoot about 75 feet.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    however, it is still very weak....about 50 feet at the most with 2 # 64's...:(


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Alright ive decided that this is one of the three guns im going to build after destroying a couple of guns that I never used... and that disappointed me when I built them... This is one of the guns...

    The other one im going to build is either the G2a2 (posted by lodefreak) which im reluctant to build or the M107 which was posted by Katarukito

    and as for a mid size gun... I was thinking to build the dd-27 but didn't cause I felt like that gun is just like my other guns.. so I'm going to build one of two... either jagar's rifle (un-modded) or the semi auto 7 shot knex gun by some person i dont remember their name =)

    agent harmsy
    agent harmsy

    12 years ago on Introduction

    so, lemme get this straight, its a 'sniper rifle' that shoots less than 10m, has bad accuracy, and as far as i can tell, you need to pull back the ram each time you want to fire, so it is bolt-action, not semi. sure it looks cool, but i wouldn't call that a sniper.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I only called it a sniper rifle because it looks like one and you can't really call it anything else.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    and plus I only used 1 #64 rubber band. the other one doesn't really count for anything.


    12 years ago on Step 7

    Now thats a scope