SCMG Pain Relief Oil

Introduction: SCMG Pain Relief Oil

Hi Friends,

This is my first instructable - so please bear if any mistakes and share your valuable feedback for the betterment.

We are going to share the SCMG Pain Relief Oil (Sesame oil, Chilly Dried, Milk and Garlic) which is extremely powerful in relieving swellings, muscle aches, sprains, spasms and knee pains. Moreover this oil is made from the ingredients which we intake as part of daily diet.

This magic oil also gives relief from Neuralgia, Lumbago & Rheumatoid Arthritis!!!

Lets proceed with the ingredients and preparation.


1) Sesame oil - 100 ml

2) Dry chilly - 1 no.

3) Boiled Milk - 10 ml.

4) Crushed Garlic - 3 nos.

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Step 1: Getting Stated With the Sesame Oil

Take a frying pan, heat in a low flame and add 100 ml sesame oil to it.

Step 2: Drop the Ingredient 2 - the Dried Red Chilly

To the hot sesame oil add the dried red chilly cut into smaller pieces.

Step 3: Adding the Garlics

Add the crushed garlic to the oil when chilly is about to turn its color.

Step 4: Adding the Goodness of Milk

Now add the boiled milk to the burning mixture and stir the mixture until the white color that appeared post addition of milk disappears and light dark mixture is obtained - remember 100 ml of oil + 10 ml of milk should be reduced to 100 ml of pain relief oil :).

Please be cautious while adding milk to the oil mixture.

Step 5: Filter the Pain (relief Oil)

Once the mixture is boiled down to the reduced level - pls allow it to cool down for few mins and filter the oil.

Save it in a container and this oil can be stored for years

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Dear Kiteman,

    Thanks for going thru my first instructable!!! since we just add just a single chilly and filtering out the final residues there wont be any irritation or disturbing effect...we have used this oil many a times for the body aches and worked out extremely well...

    Garlic is analgesic and anti inflamatory.

    Sesame oil loosens the tight skin and detoxifies the deep layers of the skin.

    chilly contains capsaicin which gives a slight burning sensation but as said above we are just adding just one chilly.

    Milk is added just to cut down pinch effect of chilly and it soothes the skin as well.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    How is this oil used, and how does it work, given that it contains no pain-relieving substances?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Well, capsaitine, found in chilli peppers, has a warming and somewhat pain-reliefing effect.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Capsaicin, is an irritant for mammals. It can be used to treat extreme pain, such as post-shingles neuralgia, but in such high concentrations that the area to be treated must first be anaesthetised, before the capsaicin is applied by a trained professional wearing protective gear including gloves and a face mask. The capsaicin must immediately be cleaned from the skin as soon as the patient feels any warmth.