SCP-963-2 in 123D


Introduction: SCP-963-2 in 123D

 this is a quick instructable of how to make SCP-963-2 in 123D, with the intent to 3d print it.
Most of the shapes are used as guides and the main tools used are the draw tool and the circle tool



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    But you will face early termination for this.

    O5 council has not approved this action. You will be reclassified as a Class D personnel and subjected to SCP-173 for termination. signed ███████████████

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    This is O5-█ and because this will not actually create an SCP item, it is ok. The real thing can only be replicated with telekill alloy, which the foundation has all of. And you do not have the authority to punish others. No more comments shall be allowed, but you can email me