SCUBA Tank Holder




Introduction: SCUBA Tank Holder

Cheap and durable SCUBA tank holder

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Step 1:

The tank holder is simply some PVC pipes connected via a piece of robe, holding the tank between the PVC pipes. It can be extended to any number of tanks; I made two holders for two tanks each. The nylon robe is looped through two PVC pipes and connected via two plastic ties. The ends are melted to avoid unraveling and also to provide more grip for the plastic ties.

I also put two O-rings on each pipe to prevent sliding while transporting the tanks in my car. I recently removed the rings as I got a rubber matt for my trunk.

Here are the dimensions that I used and should fit the majority of tanks. The pipes are 16in long and each robe is 4ft. For two tank holders a’ two tanks you will need:

8 foot 2in PVC pipe (6 x 16in)
16 foot nylon robe (4 x 4ft)
8 plastic ties

All over I spend about $24 for all the material including the O-rings. I think it's a fair price for four tanks and the thing takes almost no space if it's not needed. I am using it now for over 6 years and yah, some SCUBA tanks got throwing on it ...

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    9 years ago on Step 1

    Nice design, i made something similar but instead of looping through the pipe, i drilled holes through it then fed the rope through.  That way there is no chance that the unit can roll anywhere because the tank sits on the rope.  The added bonus is that because i made the ropes snug, the pipes pull in against the tank and keep it from rolling within the unit.