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Hi there,

These are the instructions for my Scarlet Devil.
For more information on the gun itself, please visit the slideshow of it.

I hope the instructions are clear enough, but if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them.

Step 1: The Stock

There are two broken pieces that are necessary in this step: the orange connector and white rod in the trigger.

The broken rod on the red connector and yellow connector above it can be replaced:
A non broken rod on the red connector, and a green connector instead of the broken yellow one.

For the broken orange connector, be sure to make the edges smooth. Otherwise, it may not be able to fire.

Step 2: Some Small Parts for the Stock

The blue rod is to stop you from pulling the firing back too far.

Step 3: Handle and Turret

The inside of the turret is filled with white connectors, to keep it from collapsing.

Step 4: The Front

Step 5: Finishing It Up

The sight can be replaced by anything you want. The white rods won't fall out, they get held in by the connectors in the middle layers.

Putting the front and back together can be tricky, but it's doable.

Step 6: Finished

Tell my what you think of it in the comments.
Feel free to modify it in any way you want, and upload some photos of it!



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21 Discussions

The Knex Inventor

1 year ago

Okay, I am almost finished making this gun, but I am having trouble
making the sights. Could somebody possibly post some more pictures of
the sights of this gun from different angles so I can see how to make

4 replies

Okay, thanks! I will do my best to build it from those pictures and this one. Aside from that, are there any little adjustments/tweaks that I should do to my gun that would make it function better?

No problem.

I can't remember having any problems with the gun, but I've never been able to test it to its fullest, due to a lack of the normal big rubberbands.

Okay, thanks! I will post pictures of the gun soon. Feel free to add them to the Instructable if you want to!

The Knex Inventor

1 year ago

I have finished making and mounting the sights on the completed gun, and I will probably post pictures later on today if I get the chance. Thanks for helping me with making the sights, dr. rictofen!

The Knex Inventor

2 years ago

Awesome gun! I think that I will build this today.


3 years ago

Nice one, Mike; it's looking clean and very functional. I haven't checked instructables in so long and it's nice to see that you've all kept on going. Any major innovations while I've been gone?

3 replies

Heyo, cool to see you again :)
Innovations wise, not really. I have this AUG A2 model thing, which has been laying in the same spot for a month or two by now. I should post it sometime... Other than that, not much really. Been 'busy' with video games, anime, manga, music and stuff like that.

I'm currently really busy with the school year. I do have a few K'nex projects as of now. I'm still working on perfecting some ideas: the horizontal magazine and a vertical one, the perfect TD style sidearm, and alternative energy transfers that hold more strength. They are slow going, though.

Ah, understandable that they're going slow.
Your ideas sound pretty cool though, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the finished versions.

Knextremely stupid

3 years ago

This is an awesome weapon. You should focus more on functional weapons if you can. This is my absolute favorite weapon on this sight (even more than blue mullets PPSh-41)!!!!

OK. I don't know if, or when I would build it, but there are times when I feel like building something other then my own designs.

Lucas The Boss

3 years ago

Thanks for the instructions, you should do more of these shooting guns.

1 reply

No problem, sorry they took way too long, though.
A shooting gun is indeed fun to make, but I currently have no big rubberbands to actually shoot stuff. I'll try my hand on some mechanisms, though.


3 years ago

t is dat al mn hinges in corgis handcannon zitten en ik moe ben anders had ik dit ding gebouwt en was ermee gaan yolo'n