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Introduction: SD/Key/Beer Opener

I love creating and making things. I make a 3D printer and I usually print parts to improve the m...

Nowadays 3D printing allows manufacturing something we can imagine for a low cost. I usually carry several SD micro cards, enough keys and I love beer,so I thought about a way to integrate all these objects in an only thing. I have designed and printed, in my homemade 3D printed, everything I need and this is the final result!!

English is not my first language. If I have a mistake or grammatical error I would appreciate the help and I will solve it!! Thanks!

Step 1: Design

The design is easy, with suitable measures to store keys of all sizes, pen drives, 3 sd micro cards and be able to open a bottles with cap.

Step 2: 3D Printing Work

I used blue PLA and an homemade prusa i2. PLA has low wrapping and you can print without heated bed and good quality. It's possible a easy post-process with vapor acetone. SD Card body were printed with 55% infill to give enough strenght and a 0.2 resolution and bottle opener body with 80% fill. The cover was printed with 35% infill to give engouh elasticity and strenght and a 0.2 resolution. You can download .step, .stl and .gcode files!

Step 3: Parts and Preparation


4xM3 screws

4xM3 nuts

M3 washers

Pull tab



You can easily buy the parts and tools at any hardware store and recycle a pull tab from a used can. It's necessary to fit the nuts in the bodies, through heat or pressure and to cut two screws to 5 mm. These screws are for opening the bottles and assembly the SD cover.

Step 4: Assembly

To improve the movements of the keys it's neccesary to put a washers between keys, pen drives and bodies. If you need more space you can use larger screws and more washers.

Step 5: Final Result

It's the final result, a pocket size key, sd card and bottle opener with a easy design and printing, low price regarding to commercial keys organisers and more useful.

If you have any suggestions for improvements please let me know!!

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    12 Discussions

    Great project! I really like the microSD holder and the beer opener. I'd like to make one but I think I have too many keys, they won't fit on this tool, unfortunately...

    And just one question: what is the pull tab for? Do you use it as a second beer opener?

    3 replies

    disregard the message, wrong person

    I believe that acts as a keyring, so you could attach a carabiner or something to it.

    Yes Matlek! As StevenY35 has commented the pull tab acts as a keyring but you can put a smaller pull tab if you want. On the other hand I could design a new tool for your keys if you desire. Thanks for the replies!

    Great project ?

    One question,

    Could you make one that has 6 SD card holders and no bottle opener

    1 reply

    Yes! If you give me your email I will send you the new design!

    Outstanding design! Thanks for posting it.

    1 reply

    Thanks!! I will try to make more projects like this!

    Really cool idea - thanks for this, I think I'll be printing one.
    Keep up the great work. :)

    1 reply

    Thanks for the reply! If you print I would see it! I will try to make more post :)