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Hello guys. In this Instructable I'm gonna show you how to make a SECRET BOTTLE storage..

So let's get started.

Step 1: Main Plan

my idea is to make a secret storage by using a small glass bottle.usually people open a bottle by opening the lid. In this case I'm gonna seal the lid & make our own undetectable lid.

Step 2: Tools & Matterials Needed


1. glass cutter

2.gas burner/ candle (for heating purpose)



5.small paint brush


1.small glass bottle(darken glass is better)

2.paper clips

3,epoxy glue


5.wood plate (about 4''x4'')

6.sand paper(about grit 180) paint

Step 3: Make the Stage for Bottle Cutting

i'm gonna use a glass cutter to cut the glass bottle.but this method would not be usual for you all.first step of cutting the bottle is engraving a clean line on the bottom of the glass bottle.for that I use a wooden base to keep the bottle still along the horizontal plane .the wooden base made by hammering two nails on the wooden plate.

NOTE ; when hammering nails make sure that both nails are touch the bottle as show in the figure

Step 4: Engrave the Bottle

after making the stage we can start engraving the your bottle on the stage and hold the glass cutter as shown. then rotate the bottle one time.So its done we've engraved a perfect line(actually a loop).

Step 5: Finalising the The Cut

we got a perfect cut.But how we could separate the bottle apart.Also this is the interesting part.grab the botlte from the top and heat the engraved line care fully. If you are new to this tecuniq I recommend to use a candle as the heating source. If you over heat the bottle you would end up with failed result. Anyway after heating the bottle suddenly drop it in to water(a sudden cooling). if you done correctly it cut the bottle nicely along the line

Step 6: Sanding the Edges

now we have to sand down and make the edges clean.So i use a 180 grit sand paper .place the sand paper on a flat surface and put some water on the the sanding as shown in the GIF.

Step 7: Prepair Paper Clis for Locking Mechanism Part : 1

we've completed cutting and sanding the bottle.Our next step is to make locking mechanism for the lid.I use 4 paper clips for the lock.for each lock i use 2 clips, then i get 2 locks.

Bend the clips as shown in GIF.also you have to generate a curve as shown in the image

this clip is used to place in the lid

Step 8: Prepair Paper Clis for Locking Mechanism Part:2

Bend the clips as shown in GIF.
this clip is used to place inside the upper bottle part

Step 9: Making the Lid

next glue the clips to the lid as shown in the image. also you have to bend it again as shown in image ti sit them perfectly inside the lid.I used epoxy glue.

give good time to cure the glue.

after glue is cured ,then insert the lid in to the upper bottle part.even the bottle is dark you can see through glass. So mark the point outside the bottle as shown in the fig 3

repeat the process for the oposit side.

Step 10: Upper Part of the Bottle

now glue the clip we made early as shown in the image. Previously marked mark must be align as shown.

the locking mechanism is now completed.the GIF image shows how the lock look like when its locked.

Step 11: ​darkening the Bottle

the main part of the bottle is over.because of the transparancy any body could see stuff hidden inside the bottle.therefor I darkening the bottle by painting black inside of the bottle.

after painting the bottle is tottaly darked.

Step 12: Finishing

finally we have to seal the old lid of the bottle by glue. So nobody could open the bottle.

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    2 years ago

    Coould use as bigger bottle seal a compartment at the bottom then the bottle can be opened t the top without revealing the secret ☺


    Reply 2 years ago

    wow thats awsom


    2 years ago

    That's a great idea to hide stuff...!


    Reply 2 years ago

    thnx for ur comment