SECRET: Chapstick Tube Altoid Dispenser!

Introduction: SECRET: Chapstick Tube Altoid Dispenser!

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Have a secret stash of altoids in discrete Chapstick Dispenser!

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you only needs

- altoids
- a regular Chapstick tube ( I will
explain how to get the product out

Step 2: Removing the Chapstick

First, uncap the Chapstick tube.
After this twist the bottom piece with ridges so that the Chapstick wax goes up. Once it stops moving, pull out the wax. If it does not come out try twisting the bottom piece the same way a little more. You can then dispose the wax NOT the tube.
After all this, pull out bottom piece. I had to use small tweezers but a small flathead screwdriver will do it. As you can see the bottom piece has what looks like a drill bit. Snip or twist this off right above the part were it gets thicker. Dispose of the "drill bit". You can then put the bottom piece back on the tube like it was. Take a tissue and stuff it into the tube. Take it back out to get off some of the residue. Then put the tube under hot water. Add some soap if needed. Take a tissue and clean it out. Do the same with the cap. If your altoids don't fit then use some sandpaper to sand it down. Then rinse.

Step 3: Adding Altoids

Add your altoids in and put on the cap!
And your done.
Thanks for looking. Please vote!

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